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Ben Chrisoit Reply

I want to see Kuhn punch West right in his beady eyed face

grunt 0341 Reply

I miss Ripkowski!

    Ditch 79 Reply

    The triple Aaron threat

grunt 0341 Reply

West is an idiot…totally overlooked Rip…I just found this channel and I’m done with it…at least Kuhn was here to make this bearable…

    mick griffin Reply

    Yes Bear-able. Bears stinker!

    Zachary Keyser Reply

    How did he exactly “overlook” Rip?

    soledadsoldier Reply

    Overreact much? Lmao

    MrBrenman21 Reply

    @grunt 0341 Sociopath

    brayden finch Reply

    you really said west 😂😂 bro he was literally pointing out a stat because JOHN FUCKING KUHN the most popular fullback the packers have ever had is standing right next to him. SORRY HE DIDNT POINT OUT RIP WHO PLAYED LIKE 2 SEASONS

Eric S Reply


BrettGB Reply

Hey, Wes is doing a great job. No need for the hate in the comments.

    MrOuchiez Reply

    I wouldnt go that far, but at least he has tamed those RIDICULOUS bangs a bit. Still needs to get a grownup haircut and a drop of broadcasting talent, maybe it’ll come once he hits puberty.

    brayden finch Reply

    MrOuchiez nah you’re dumb we love wes, if you don’t, politely piss off

Michael Drobot Reply

Larry… that pinky makes you almost unbearable to watch…love you on the radio…just put your hand in your pocket

soledadsoldier Reply

Good trio of fellas

Shat ho Reply

Is john Canadian? just the way he said turnovers

John Wayne Everett Reply


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