Thomas Dimitroff reacts to Julio Jones’ contract extension – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Cameron Tedone Reply

Congrats to Julio on the big deal

Mr. Ditkovich Reply

Meanwhile Ab gets released , thanks Julio for acting like a true WR! Professional, humble, and a leader!! Rise Up

    bully bully Reply

    Dandre Johnson patriots *

    Dandre Johnson Reply

    bully bully ik that’s crazy Brady has so many weapons now

    Mr. Ditkovich Reply

    Chris Bovee just because I’m a falcon fan doesn’t mean you don’t pay rent

    Big Spamus Reply

    Chris Bovee he will make the other teams pay overpriced rent

808bboarder Reply

Thank you Falcons organization!! RISEUP💪

markus greaves Reply

New Contract & he’s breaking Calvin’s Record this year Just Watch.

Jazzy Jeff Real Talk Reply


Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire Reply

… a big year is ahead for Jet Jones 😁😁

Rollo Lamont Reply

Antonio Brown threw 30mil guaranteed out the window, the same day Julio Jones signed for 66mil guaranteed….. wow
– Mike Golic


    Rallisport Reply

    “Your attitude WILL affect your altitude”.

Rollo Lamont Reply

You know why Julio Jones is getting paid?? Because he STFU and GETS TO WORK!!
– Venom, Inc.


GeraldLaz38 Reply

Maybe Julio can loan TD some money to buy a new wardrobe.

    BlackBirdBlitz Reply

    You’re out your mind if don’t think TD ain’t pulling chicks/dicks. TD can get what he wants.

Christopher Ferachi Reply

AB punching his helmet rn

Clayton Rhoads Reply

Congrats Julio. You deserve every penny!

Review That Reply

Love Julio for not even tripping like all these other divas. Lets go Falcons!!!!

Chris Ising -The Falcon- Reply

is this outside the DMV? 😄

Traveling Charlie Reply

Based upon the thumbnail I think Julio might be a Blackanese.

BlackBirdBlitz Reply

Raiders are left standing at the altar while AB flies off to be with Bill Bel -a-Cheat and the Cheattrates. Julio, Quinn, Dimitroff, and Blank got it done with no drama. DBN 4Life. #Riseup !!

Caviarhound Reply

You must be blind b/c those threads hurt my eyes.

Nate Lowe Reply

Get the rings now, tired of “Payday Roster”, need some extra ROIs asap(54-55)

Large Southern Load Reply

$100,000 per day….

Kevin Ryusan Reply

What a terrible game Matt Ryan is still playing for the other teams like always. And Julio is now just a over paid slow old fart. And our OC is playing way to careful with out any creativity. And maybe they should have gotten gorden and brown. Freeman is no longer a good running back. He is a barking Chihuahua.

Reese Dog Reply

Dimitroff look like the Weed Attorney out in Cali. “Shut TF Up” 😂 😂 😂

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