Thomas Davis announces he is retiring as a Carolina Panther – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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FukyusMusic Reply

Salute to TD…. one of the GREATEST PANTHERS of ALL TIME o7…..much love to #58…..THANK YOU!!!!!!

Ez_3 _JYG Reply

Much love to TD he was a beast
Playing in the super bowl with screws in his arm and coming back to have a great career with all the injuries he had
One of the best Line backers

Malachi Nicholson Reply

Damn only a 1:10 I need another 30 mins

    Demetres Blakley Reply

    Exactly!! He is a true legend in Panther history!!

Hilljo17 Reply

No one set the tone and expectations better.

Jamaal Noland Reply

TD58 will be in the Panthers Hall of Honor for sure

whtblitz_rt-yt Reply

My all time favorite Panther to ever lace them up, incredible story, incredible come back, incredible leader and man. Salute Mr. Davis, thanks for all the great memories. You will be missed. Hopefully a front office job or least statue will be going up of yourself soon.

Process Reply

Man I miss our OG’s. TD deserves to retire a Panther for sure

    Neake22 Reply

    You and me both! I get some-what sad looking back at our seasons from 2018 and previous .

    Process Reply

    @Neake22 Same I’ve felt like a man without a football team the past couple seasons and I live in Charlotte lol

blackpanther8716 Reply

No one has ever (and probably will ever) embodied Keep Pounding like TD. So glad he retires a Panther

Chauncey Ellerbee Reply

This dude will be missed” not to many real 1’s lefted..

matthew sanchez Reply

One of the greatest linebackers ever to play on our team great leadership and with great attitude he will never be forgotten

Underground Wes Reply

TD will forever be a Panthers legend. Appreciate you big dogg. Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it King.👑💯

Connor Heet Reply

One of the players who sucked me into being a Panther fan for life. Great to hear this decision!

Beartron 1919 Reply

Ima miss him so much he was so good

Cmc Panthers Reply

He’s most of the reason the started “keep pounding”

    Remy Von Dom Reply

    Sam mills???

    Cmc Panthers Reply

    Yes he is the sam mills the reason

Terrance Valdes Reply

I aint crying, man my eyes are just sweaty. That’s it.

Mr. Roaring Riot Reply

Gonna miss this legend. Always love the man since ever he was welcomed to the Carolinas. Hopefully one day we win a Superbowl for him. #KeepPounding – Panthers fan since 2001.

Brownboy217 Reply

This should be more than 1 minute

GuitarGuy 3000 Reply

Who disliked this? Thomas Davis is definitely entitled to retire a Panther.

Ronnie Fowler Reply

TD always has and will always be a Panther! Carolina will always love him.

Joshua Braeden Reply

Damn I wish we could of got that ring

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