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Joaquin Lopez

Go broncos

    Mike Oz

    Joaquin Lopez Thank you for not being an entitled bandwagon fan who complains because our rookie coaching staff and notably young roster isn’t perfect immediately! Keep up the optimism!



Beast Mans Broncos Football

If our defense and Drafts where good then we would be “so close”

    Mike Oz

    Beast Mans Broncos Football I get where you’re coming from, but Elway seems to have figured out how to draft recently and managed to assemble an impressive (On paper) coaching staff. I think we need to get an owner, and see how the Vic Fangio era plays out before we start those talks. Keep in mind it took Fangio 4 seasons to turn the Bears around. Patience is rewarded.

    Beast Mans Broncos Football

    @Mike Oz we can always call up Peyton Manning if we need any extra help too!

    Aryaan Hyder

    Beast Mans Broncos Football Peyton probobly won’t wanna be GM. We suck.

    Beast Mans Broncos Football

    @Aryaan Hyder maybe who knows though

    Beast Mans Broncos Football

    @Aryaan Hyder he did win a superbowl with us


Jim the goat


We need to establish the no fly zone again so our defense has more time to create pressure. Draft a linebacker in the draft to help the run. We could easily be 2-2 or 3-1.


If we were good we would see jim alot. Considering most of the games he does are with good teams

Jeff Wingham

Elway and the top executives need thrown out of Denver.

    Mike Oz

    Jeff Wingham Genuinely curious how that would work. Those top executives are our acting owners right now.
    1. How would they get fired?
    2. Who would fire them?
    3. Who would be left to run the team?
    4. Who hires the replacements?
    5. What happens to our brand new coaching staff and our young players who could have years of their careers wasted due to organizational instability.

    Honestly I hope this comment is a joke. If not, Yikes!



    Darville Leonard

    @Mike Oz Excusses Excuses just how they or place there they can also be remove just like one Door close another one Door is open.

S Bassett

Could have Shaquil Barrett, Quenton Nelson, Devin Bush, and Risner at RT. Lucky you found Bausby.

    Mike Oz

    S Bassett I actually agree on Nelson and Shaq. I wanted Nelson pretty bad that draft and Shaq has been a beast in hindsight. However, I don’t agree with the second point. I’d take a fast TE and potential franchise QB over a middle of the road linebacker any day.


The coach needs to be more creative with the defensive play calls.

David Lee

Elway did have a hellava 2019 draft just need another soild draft

Piet K

At least we have Romo in the booth today

Alex Harrison

Not exactly a preview.


I hear all these trade rumors for von and harris. And i dont understand do people want denver to be any worse. I say we keep von, resign harris for a 2 to 3 year extension and build this team with some great players in free agency and the draft. Giving harris away and trading von away would kill us.


WTH?! He looks the same !

Rocky Chavez

So close lmao OK

Jeremy Hazard

This team isn’t close lol

Gunner 21

A lot of corrections to be made … but I can’t help and remember 2 roughing the passer penalties in last minute of 2 games back to back. NFL really sucks to watch 🏈


Any of all trade rumors including the face of the franchise von miller are nothing more then rumors, no truth to them. Now shopping other players I wouldn’t rule that out, but it would wise to not trade Miller away when your other stud pass rusher just went down.

Clyde Triplett

I flew with the Broncos, to San Fran. Next Day took the bus to hell (Oakland) what a PIT.
You could not get me that 😂 stadium. Dirty Sick place, I’d move the team to.


WE are not Cleveland!

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