Things Are About to Get Weird | Bucs vs. Saints Game Trailer – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ben Hagos

Marshon Lattimore might have an early retirement


    Ben Hagos *holds amari cooper to 4/39

    Kushal Tiwari

    _Geaux.Saints_ amari cooper was injured

    Mike P

    _Geaux.Saints_ Mike Evans > Amari Cooper.

    saviron hipps

    Doesn’t matter who he guards because either Evans or Godwin gone eat along with the rest of our wr core then we still got our TEs. We got too many play makers on the field more than dallas so its pick your poison

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Sack Barrett is about to get 5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, and 1 interception.

    Will Moore

    I hope so

    electriccub shocker

    Teddy about to throw 3 TDS and defense for a TD.

    Alan A

    Shaq Barrett records 2 sacks before breakfast.

Pro Gamer

Lets go Bucs

saviron hipps

Teddy is in trouble idc how dallas looked vs them our dline especially our interior is a serious problem freeing up our ends. With devin back i wanna see him in teddys face all game. Shaq is getting 3 sacks 2ff

Cody Wright

“if you’re not from the south, you won’t understand”

Hawk 490

Its gonna be in easy win


    @_Geaux.Saints_ I remember last year when the Saints said that only to get lit up by Fitzmagic lel.

    Hudson Liles

    Hawk 490 you better go knock on some wood man. Don’t jinx it

    Hawk 490

    @Hudson Liles yeah ik man but I just dont see the saints beating us

    Donna Brayshaw

    Yeah, The 49ers and Giants were supposed to be easy too.

Alan A

Cam is out. Brees is out. The birds are filthy. I can’t think of a better year to win the South.

    Hudson Liles

    Alan A dirty birds!


    Same, but we can’t underestimate anyone. This is the NFL, if we start getting big heads then we’ll see ourselves losing games we should easily win like the Giants game

Aaron Hoffman

Wooof these videos have been soo HYPE

Kyle Yeadon


ECHE 813

Sack God Lord Barrett

Bobby Carson

Let’s wreck Havoc! Buc Fan from Tucson Az supports this!

Eric Guerro

Man this channel is making me proud of the bucs..i hope winston doesnt t/o the ball at the wrong time with dumb throws

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