They Have a lot of Weapons | Media Availability – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

They Have a lot of Weapons | Media Availability

00:00 – S Kevin Byard
1:50 – K Caleb Shudak
4:25 – OLB Rashad Weaver

Titans S Kevin Byard, K Caleb Shudak and OLB Rashad Weaver address reporters during a media availability on Tuesday at Ascension Saint Thomas Sports Park.

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    Durk Moneyswaggfly

    Titanup 🤣


Titan up defense, lets get 7 sacks this week

    Durk Moneyswaggfly

    Titanup 🤣

    Johnny Bell

    We may get 10 of them TITAN-UP

    J Wise

    Only 7? 😆

Durk Moneyswaggfly

Titans will win super bowl 57 titans 14-3🤣

Durk Moneyswaggfly

Titanup 🤣🤣

masta monsta

This is most definitely a rematch revenge GAME #ROOOOHHH #ROOOOHHH #ROOOOHHH

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