‘They didn’t even block me!’ | Bradley Chubb Wired at #BroncosCamp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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emilio CaLo Reply

cant wait for this season to start!!

Jeppe Linnerup Reply

Chubb finna be a beast this season💪

Trey Newman Reply

Did Anyone Else Have That Invisaline Ad Before Watching ?

Bklyn Jedi Bronco Reply

Still limping 🤦🏾‍♂️

Bklyn Jedi Bronco Reply

He’s dragging that leg

xX Mr Kasper Xx Reply

1,000 acres not that big?!?! Wtf Josey lol 😂

David W Reply

Josey said his 1,000 acre farm isn’t that big

Kent Borges Reply

CHUBB IS GONNA CRUSH…Welcome back Bossman Bradley.

Keith Flores Reply

Need more of the mic’d up

Michael Crabtree Reply

Hes that good…no one even blocked him

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