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SPhan48 Reply

United in Orange.

Jesse Williams Reply

Let’s get this W. Go Broncos

    sTaTiiCz Clan Reply

    Jesse Williams it’s game day LETS GOO

David Bannister Reply

We need a win in this one. You know Vic wants a win.

ianxboss Reply

The people that replied to me get free basketball shoes

    Christopher Lucero Reply

    ianxboss your lying

    ianxboss Reply

    @Christopher Lucero nope

    b1gb0y27thiCC Reply


dustin M.W Reply

It’s hard for me to get hyped when I’m let down by this team constantly…at least these past 3 years

    turtle4614 Reply

    Then your not truly a fan of this team. The ups never feel so good when you didn’t experience the downs. Ride or die, win or lose its always GO BRONCOS!!!!

    JSauer21 Reply

    Eh they showed some good things in the second half last game, and this is a good match up for them

Nanette C Reply

Let’s go BRONCOS! 💕

turtle4614 Reply


    Gary Slomczynski Reply

    Good luck denver beat that second rate team in chicago hope being mile high helps!! Buffallo curse to the bears!! Go Broncos!!!!

Marcos Gallardo Reply

let’s see what happens

sTaTiiCz Clan Reply

Come on broncos win this one do good this year you guys haven’t done good for the past 3 yeara

Daniel 24 Reply

Let’s stay positive n get a W

Anthony Lucero Reply

I’m picking the guys wearing the orange and blue,who you got😝

Beast Mans Broncos Football Reply

We got this Vic gonna get a w

Clyde Triplett Reply

Did not seem like Von was in the game vs oak

Tomas Lujan Reply

If the Broncos lose vic pack ur bags. No more coach eith the letter V

    J T Reply

    Not his fault Elway has built a piss poor roster.

Tomas Lujan Reply

Watch another quick pass win. And a top rate defensive coach lose

J T Reply

My heart says 21-10 Broncos. But common sense says 27 -10 Bears.

Judah Kruth Reply

God bless lets go

Steven Soco Reply

Why is Von (do nothing) Miller’s picture on the thumbnail?

Daniel Lopez Reply


aztecstargazer Reply

I say we get the defense out there chasing chickens like Balboa. Thus is some of the laziest pursuit and play to the whistle crap I have seen in. While. Commit to hit.

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