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The Women of the Buffalo Bills

The choose to see talent instead of gender and pride themselves on finding the best person for the job in their supporting staff.

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creezbee 843

Instant πŸ‘ Bills Mafia


Great for these young women and great sound move by this organization. Viva Los Bills, baby!!!!! DB

Big John Stud

Best man/woman for the job, I will be convinced of that when There’s regime change and these women are fired along with everyone else, I’m not saying they weren’t best for the job like every other hire but you Can’t know until you see them fired like every other hire.

    matthew moore

    Don’t be so angry, its ok.

    Big John Stud

    Ok lol


    @matthew moore don’t be so naive. This is an op.

Trevor LaVigne

This is dope man Buffalo went from miles behind to miles ahead THANK YOU PEGULAS

Chris Delagarza

Wow ok πŸ‘Œ.


πŸ˜‚ gotta love coach McDermott

Nomo Screen

So much respect for my team….not that i didn’t have alot already….it just doubled

London Stackhouse

Go bills

London Stackhouse

Respect the female

Mike Phillips

Very cool super proud to be a fan of the bills


Great to see – Go Bills!!!

The Bops

I just want Buffalo to win a super bowl πŸ™ Would be fantastic for the organisation and their loyal fans . . .

Mike F

The spirit of sports is alive in Buffalo….

Noah T

So awesome. I love this team so much!



Jemel Moore

Just when i thought i knew all the reasons i was a BILLS fan #Progressive



Elliot Eisler

Just reason # 1583927158 to love β€œare” Buffalo Bills! Just a great testimate to the culture we’ve been building here under the pegulas and Team McBeane !!! πŸ₯°

Rainbow Avenue

what a time to be a Buffalo #716

True That Boxing

The Putas and Lesbo of the Buffalo Bills

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