“The Whole World Gotta Feel Us” Unscripted: Inside the 2019 Eagles Season | Ep. 4 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“The Whole World Gotta Feel Us” Unscripted: Inside the 2019 Eagles Season | Ep. 4

Get an in-depth look at the Philadelphia Eagles' wins over the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets, and Carson Wentz's return to his hometown in the latest episode of Unscripted, presented by Lincoln Financial Group.

#FlyEaglesFly #Eagles #NFL

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John Doe Reply

Another marvelously edited video! You guys never fail, great job!!

Caviston Reply

It hurts wish we were 5-0 rn

    Roadrunner Reply

    I know we should be able to not have to play so tight in these upcoming games but it is what it is.

    Atilio Argueta Reply

    yea it would be nice going on these 3 road games as 5-0. injuries is a huge part in the NFL and the eagles usually have n alarming amount of injuries to a certain group, namely the CB’s right now.
    I wish them good health and as always ” FLY EAGLES FLY”

    Spermwhale1000 Reply

    I know. Shoulda won those games.

    hamhockbeans Reply

    If you got to lose games you shouldn’t let it be done early. 5-0 makes a team cocky. It makes them prime for a slump at the worse time of the season at the back end going into the playoffs. Eagles need to keep improving each game. You have to play your best going into the playoffs. Right now establish your offense and defense identity.

    I’m Right You’re Wrong Reply

    We really should be man it’s a shame

Deus Vult Reply

I’m still waiting for the DBs to play lockdown. Oh, and please go get CJ Anderson in place of Scott. I’d rather have two pounders beating up the defense than that finesse ish that you all like. 39 plus carries between Howard, Anderson, Sanders, and we are back in the Super Bowl beating the Patriots again sending Brady into retirement.

    FACTS over FICTION Reply


    hamhockbeans Reply

    You want bowling ball. CJ Anderson is the first RB I have seen that is pint sized and round to the point from a distance he could just roll over the defense.

mrgpc333 Reply

It’s ashame… that lions loss is gonna really hurt us going in to this 3 game road trip that’s gonna be tough…bills I’m not to worried about even though they do look good… Dallas. . Vikings patriots coming up and the bears… rough

    D Luckett Reply

    We beat good teams.

    Flipping Avery Reply

    Vikings and Dallas are they easy ones out of this stretch

    mrgpc333 Reply

    @D Luckett okkkk??? So we beat good teams and lose to bad is what your saying?? Not a good thing…

    Xzvius Reply

    Dont underestimate the Bills. They held the Patriots quite well and despite how much I dislike that team, they are on fire, though for once Brady cant take all the credit.

dakotaownzjr Reply

Lets go eagles 🦅

Global Atheist Reply

Big test this week, but if our lines play like they can than we could get the W.

Michael Roche Reply

Isnt this the eagles 2020 season? Am i wrong?

    David Wilson Reply


    Michael Roche Reply

    @David Wilson ik but thats technically called the 2020 season. Its whenever the super bowl is for a season

    Mr.Ridley Reply

    @Michael Roche it’s the 2019 season. It’s never been what you are saying.

    Michael Roche Reply

    @Mr.Ridley oh youre right. Idk why i thought that. I think my bud told me that. My b dawgs

Christopher Affronti Reply

This team has so much talent….they play as one and they could very well end up in the Superbowl.

    D Luckett Reply

    And win

    David Wilson Reply

    Not- too many penalties too many mistakes lot of cleaning up to do the town is there not working well together

    Christopher Affronti Reply

    They could easily be 5-0 if it weren’t for drops

Josh Bernal Reply

Whats the song towards the end?

    Felipe Carvalho Reply

    Waiting for de answer too

Flabbergast_260 Reply

Anybody know the name of the song they played before the Jets game?

    Felipe Carvalho Reply

    Me too

undericesinger Reply

Hmmm I guess Jason Peters hugging Wentz is supposed to show his team hates him, right? Lmao

    hamhockbeans Reply

    Poor media they try so hard to make up stories to hurt teams. Feels good to see them wrong.

CaptainAmerica322 Reply

This is what being in the birdgang is all about boys and girls. Loyalty and belief. Carsons gonna get us there don’t worry.

Austin Odea Reply

Need to blow out every team that comes our way.. it’s our time. FLYEAGLESFLY

    hamhockbeans Reply

    Just need to control wins games ad much as possible. Teams that are regular season wonders blow teams away then get blown away in the playoffs. You get a cooky cutter schedule with teams that are tanking you could do that without trying( cough..Patriots..cough).

Drew Money Reply

😤 let’s go birds! It’s always room for improvement buts that’s gonna come 3 road games let’s go 1-0 every week! Let’s 🤬 go put the league on notice we ain’t go nowhere! 🗣🗣🗣🗣

Jeff Reply

I don’t think sack party sounds to good might wanna call it something else

KingGeorge Reply

Still don’t think Zach scored before he was down on that touchdown but I’m not complaining lol

Jordan Gornick Reply

We learned that if we maybe catch a football that maybe we could win…

    hamhockbeans Reply

    Don’t you hate when a player not make a play and claps like it suppose to make things better.


To those Who know how close we were to 5-0. Keep that energy and let’s go 1-0 this week. Fly Eagles Fly!!!

Johnny the strong arm Johnny the strong arm Reply

How bout them boys! DAK rookie of the year let’s go Cowboys 5XCHAMPS 🤠 feed ZEK all day just win baby I’m Cowboy for life Cowboys rule the NFC!!!

Armani Stevenson Reply

I love these

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