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Kelvin Flores

Welcome to D.M.V Davis go earn that respect baby. Do your thing.

    Aaron Lassiter

    @Hassan Esdaile Yeah, I had Davis as my #2 LB, but I’m not ever going to question our current staff when it comes to projecting that position.

    I do wonder if it was a size thing. JOK is a bit below average while Jamin is a big, long dude.

    Kelvin Flores

    @Hassan Esdaile same here

    Kelvin Flores

    I have faith in our team. Believe each guy we have on our team.

    Hassan Esdaile

    @Aaron Lassiter They know LB’s. Jamin combine numbers were amazing. I never heard of him, until now😅🤦🏽‍♂️. I’m happy with ya pick.

    Hassan Esdaile

    @Kelvin Flores hopefully, he pans out. Pair him w/Holcomb, and Collins. Collins, gone have to change his position point blank 😂..


We lookin like cooked food!!

Terd Duckin

when i was in elementary school, in Reston, VA, we learned to sing HAIL TO THE REDSKINS in school. HTTMFR BABY

    High Ground !!

    And hail to 8-8 😈. They sleep. Our offense TOTALLY doesn’t need to be addressed.

alex gibbs

Is Julie drunk? She’s like slurring interviewing him lmao

    Leslie Brijbasi


    Washington Sideline

    My thoughts exactly😂


That was mad awkward lmao but hey if Ron got his guy I trust him. Coverage skill and speed at LB was a huge need.

    Trev J

    The blonde always does awkward interviews idk why she’s the face of this YouTube channel

    Kevin Dupree

    Right he is big 6”4 to he can cover tighteneds him an Holcomb sheesh

    Russell Lamot

    Yea it wasn’t him it was Julie that was a horrible interview

Cameron Aragon

Was Julie okay? 😂

    4evrR #1

    One to many drinks😂

Washington Sideline

Oof, Julie you high af.

Condoleezza Perry

Welcome to D.C Mr. Davis 🙌🏾


I didn’t think we would have a shot at JOK. I thought we would have a shot at zaven collins. But all along i thought no matter who they took at LB (i mean we all knew they were taking LB) I would trust their choice.



Caps Fan

Let’s bring back the success we had in the 80’s! Not just the look.


When Minnesota was picking 14th and it was announced they was trading. I really did think it was Washington trading up for Mac Jones!!

Justin Parker

It’s awesome seeing Ron back to his old self and looking healthy again. Our already stacked defense just got even scarier 😈😈 HAIL

Keven V51

Julie may have took the 80s theme too far cause she’s out here lit 😂

Keven V51

She said what’s more scary a Nascar or a tight end.. 😂😂😂😂

Bob Millar

Fred Smoot gets me hyped!!!!!! HTTR

Jon Freeman

Lovin that 80s look!!!

Jon Mengering

This is the fourth year in a row with a solid, football savvy selection by our team. It is fantastic to see. Welcome to the beltway Mr. Davis. HTTR4ever

Steve W

His coverage skills and athletic ability certainly fit the need at LB. Some fans are questioning why we didn’t take an OT at 19 but there are some more options for an OT in round 2. In Ron, Marty and Martin we trust…


What were those questions😂?

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