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1 loss won’t shake us! Everyone and every team has off games! Back home next week, let’s bring the noise Viking fans!

    Andrew Smith

    I’m not worried about the Oak Vegas Raiders.

    Xeng Thao

    I’m not worried about the team, it’s Kirk that’s the problem.

    Rene Ramos


UndoneDead guy

Damn, these episodes get me so hyped! GB needs to watch their back because we’re coming for that division! SKOL

    ivan hernandez

    @vnbound sadly but true, Kirt still suck

    Dr. Chuckles

    Hey I make Vikings Hype videos too could you check them out? Thanks

    Jim Tally

    You guys need to sing sloter back

    Rene Ramos

    @ivan hernandez Yes I agree that Kirk still sucks. But he is our QB. Mike Zimmer and the OC now know if not yet convince what he is capable of. If the future game happens like that, the OC will have a better decision to make sure it doesn’t happen again. He should be smarter next time.


To the falcon fan that put the thumbs down on this video , its okay that your watching Vikings Content and the fact that its full of highlights of the vikings stomping around on the falcons and thats okay . Your going to be a Vikings Fan soon , so stay watching success football and leave your falcons for the better men ! Its okay that you thumbs down , we forgive you. Just keep coming back to watch success at its best.

JTG 2102

Week 2 was not good.


Well put together video.. Can’t wait to beat the Raiders. SKOL!

    Lucid Dreams

    We said that about the bills last year too…

    Strax Gaming

    @Lucid Dreams ikr

Rick Layeux

How long will it be before Cousin’s team mates quit having confidence in him?
Then things will go downhill.

    Nicky Tesla

    @Vichingo 23 Garopollo was injured like the entire season last year. He’s played well when healthy. Not sure what you lookin at. Dillard is probably going to be a solid player too

    Vichingo 23

    @Nicky Tesla Jimmy G last year played three games with a completion percentage under 60 with 5td and 3int. Not a lot but neither is the two games this year or the games two years ago before he got hurt. Like I said he probably is better than Kirk im just not going to hype him up against weak competition. You saying Dillard will probably be solid proved my point. You dont know what he will be just as much as i dont. He hasnt played and because of that im not going to regret not selecting him over Bradburry.

    Also to prove your point that Spielman is a bad GM (something i areed with you btw) You argued it was because he didnt know QBs and you wanted Jimmy G. We didnt even gave Kirk when he was traded to the Niners and we were in the process of season that we went to the NFC title game. You can blame Rick for a lot of things but if you thought we were going to trade for Jimmy at that time your crazy. Then you saying he picks bad lineman you mention Dillard. I am not going to hate on Rick for picking Bradburry when we are two games into the season and Dillard hasnt started a game. You can blame for Rick for a lot of things he deserves, but like I said before, your examples are bad ones. Especially when there are a lot better ways to say how he has messed up.

    Nicky Tesla

    @Vichingo 23 I wanted to draft Jimmy in the 2nd round that year


    Already happened

    Vichingo 23

    @Nicky Tesla If you want to criticize Spielman for not getting us a QB, bring up drafting Ponder, trading for Brandford or sighning Kirk. I know Teddy got hurt but you cant get mad at the guy for picking Teddy in the first round that year over the guy you liked.

Rene Ramos

For those die hard Vikings FANs, last weeks loss should not put us down. We lost 1 so what. At least now we know from the start that our offense, QB and and some OLine have some issues. This is the perfect time to correct and move on. SKOL VIKINGS!!!!!

Freer Habit

Notice how they didn’t show diggs taking off his helmet being a diva, also any Kirk cousins . Two things I’m concerned about!


    @Vichingo 23 if that was the reason why didnt the cardinals keep him?

    Vichingo 23

    @SquallLeonheart not sure what you mean? Everything i see online is that he is still on their practice squad?


    @Vichingo 23 all right my mistake but hes not starting there for obv reasons and they have worse qb issues then we do.

    Vichingo 23

    @SquallLeonheart it sound like your saying the obvious reason is that he is bad. When in fact the obvious reason is that they just drafted the heisman winner first overall. As far as better QB situation i would rather have the cardinals situation. At least their QB makes mistakes because he is a rookie and only played two games. Not to mention the best way to build a team these days is with rookie QB money rather than first ever fully guaranteed contract to a guy who has a losing record against winning teams and makes rookie mistakes after seven years.

    Rene Ramos

    I didn’t really blame Diggs for taking his helmet off. He was very upset. He admitted that he was wrong and I’m all good for that. He and Adam still the best WR Duo….

YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety

Selective editing of some very crucial mistakes that cost us the game in Green Bay. It’s the elephant in the room.

    Jesse Dennis

    I thought is was great they didn’t harp on that. Everyone knows that the quarterback play needs to get better. And it will. They showed the grit, the fight this team has. That’s what will being this team to the next level.

    YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety

    @Jesse Dennis How do you KNOW Cousins will be better? I doubt he will have another horrible debacle like he did in Green Bay, but what’s going to happen when Cook can’t rush for 150+ yards and the defense can’t hold a team scoreless for 3 quarters? This is when your QB MUST step up and win you games. There’s going to be times this season when Cousins has to put the team on his back, make some key plays at critical moments, and actually win some big games. History says Cousins is incapable of doing that. I’ve been a huge Cousins defender (“He didn’t have an OL,” “He didn’t have playmakers in Washington,” etc.), but I can no longer ignore his major flaws. It pains me to say it, but he chokes when the lights are the brightest.


Vikes beat the Packers that game if Cousins was even mediocre. He was awful.

Xeng Thao

What I learned from this last game. Kirk can’t be trusted.

    Spilled Champagne

    Xeng Thao yep. He just chokes in CLUTCH moments…
    5-26 against teams with winning records man

    Rene Ramos

    Kirk made mistakes but he also did a lot of good plays. Because if he was really that bad we would have lost every games. We need to trust him to make better decision next time. I think that game against the packers will change him and make better decision and everyone will be happy again. Common I’ve been waiting since 1983 for the Vikings to go the Super Bowl. I think this year we’ll have a shut.

Old McDonald

Its a hype video, nice to look at the positive and move on from the negative. SKOL.


The man Diggs got a bigger chest than Rudolph…. Cmon man…

kaleb goldsmith

And then Kirk continues to blow the game the following week. 🙄🙄🙄🙄


This is the content I need but don’t deserve. Good work VEN squad!

Austin Bartz

8:16 this what happens when Kirk doesn’t get the ball

Bradley O'Brien

does anyone else get goosebumps when the team breaks it down?

Darrin Edwards

Imagine how crazy this episode would have been have we come back.
I watched videos on what Kirk tried to do. I do not feel angry anymore. He will get better.


I’m ripping on Cousins to a point, but him being mediocre would have have won that game without special teams missing kicks and the Defense giving up 21 points early before they clamped down. What I wanted to see at the end of the episode was Zimmer in the locker room after a loss…

REAl REAction

The Vikings need to earn it.

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