The top 10 touchdowns of Julio Jones’ career – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Tyler Perkins Reply

Number 5 should have been higher

Alexander Reid Reply

Like if Julio is best of all time

Caden Alvis Reply

Julio is best wr in the league

    Randall Foster Reply

    @Orochi Maru he makes up for them drops with them contested catches.

    Orochi Maru Reply

    @Randall Foster naw. I can’t agree. His caliber…. Naw. DeAndre Hopkins wouldn’t drop a ounce of his catchables. Not even Brian Finnneran back then.

    Randall Foster Reply

    @Orochi Maru who led the league in receiving yards last year.. again. ND whose the highest paid wr. Dude. Just cuz he dropped a couple doesn’t mean nothing… Stats do. DeAndre Hopkins is good but he won’t ever be a Julio Jones.. once he gets a 300 yard game I might put him a lil closer to Julio

    Orochi Maru Reply

    @Randall Foster ok. He cold. My opinion doesn’t change.

    Jay Manning Reply

    No question overall the best athlete in the league playing wr, he’s not just fast with break away speed, he’s also big, strong, physical, and a great route runner, he’s everything you want in a wr, his drops and lack of tds is the only flaws you can point out, but he’s the first player to have 1400 yds in 5 consecutive seasons which is crazy, he will definitely go down as a top 5 wr all time

bigdaddy d Reply

I love Julio jones

Wavy DC Reply


TheNayborz Reply


    Dandre Johnson Reply

    TheNayborz over it’s happening

    JB Reply

    If Matt gets 35+ TD passes, over. Ridley, Sanu, Free and Hoop gotta eat too.

    Orochi Maru Reply

    Under. Matty Ice will go back to spreading the ball around like he used to wit Dirk offense.

Sub to MMG Reply

Notice how 6/10 or 7/10 catches have been in the last 3 years… scary that he seems like he’s getting better with age.

    Rohan Desai Reply

    That’s just regency bias. Go look at his tds against the lions and the redskins in 2012

Gurkaran Sra Reply

Worth every penny of that extension

Cody Mercury Reply

The title of this video should have *(So far)* at the end of it

    Randall Foster Reply


The 3 Prankskateers Reply

Best receiver in the league and a falcon for life!!!

Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire Reply

… let’s go Jet Jones!! 😆😆

Chris Edwards Reply

The one person who disliked this was Luke Kuechly

    Jay Manning Reply

    I know this is a joke, but for real Kuechly actually has a lot of respect for Julio he’s stated he’s one of the best wrs in the league and one of the hardest to cover

Rohan Desai Reply

Didn’t really like the list that much. His tds vs the redskins and lions (both in 2012) were much more impressive. And there’s the back shoulder against Patrick Peterson in 2014.

lamont lovett Reply

He need a gotdamn ring falcons get that damn ring this year.

    Orochi Maru Reply

    Keanu and Ricardo will need to take over. Yes. My faith in 2 safeties.

dirk diggler Reply

He is a beast.

Mr Spizite Reply

Excited for Julio to play vs Vikings

Carlos tha Realest Reply

Best WR in the league Hands down. 💯💪🏾🏈🏈

Randall Foster Reply

I prefer number 10 because that score put him at exactly 300 yards. 💯 Man’s a machine.

John Smith Reply

Imagine if Julio had a QB who could deliver a 55yard pass while he’s in stride. He showed greatness but we will never see how great he could have been

Drum Corps Central Reply

You what sucks is when Matt Ryan throws a pick in the end zone and Julio isn’t even in the game

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