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Rendell Omoniyi

Trent Williams why now?? Bro we need you more than ever on our Sqaud.

    J Roc

    Yeah, that’s very selfish of him and he couldn’t have picked a worse time!

    Grey Yoda

    It sucks but it will only strengthen our chances of getting his replacement for next year

    Danny Thomas

    Maybe Trent wanted to skip preseason training cause he was worried about another injury but if not then trade him for some draft picks!!

    Ricky Tre

    Danny Thomas lets be honest and realize the skins are rebuilding.I am willing to bet there are teams willing to sell there soul for a primer top class LT, that’s at the end of his career( he’s probably got 3 seasons left in the tank). Let’s trade him for some draft picks while he has clout and get the next gen skins on the same timeline. LETS FINALLY BUILD A SQUAD!!!


    They do if they want to start with Dwayne Haskins, but if not, they might be able to get some young players who can develop with him into a winning collective. Doesn’t help the team now at all, but you never know

Danny Thomas

If not back at end of preseason just trade him for draft picks cause he was getting injured more lately!!

ijams sum

I did not like our pass rush but the Bengals had a good push up front !
Bengal QB Finley was throwing simple accurate passes and looked competent but my Redskins were lacking that and drives stopped !
I did not see much effective run blocking at all by either team !
There will not be more scoring the NFL wants if the referees keep calling penalties that were not penalties ?

The Referees are against replaying penalties and is obvious as bad calls were seen but not reversed on any red flag replays ?
The Referees ruined the overall game !

jon bellomy

Haskins is doing an amazing job. To those who don’t think so listen close to what I’m about to say. Yes Haskins is a rookie. I’ll say it again Haskins is a rookie. So for a rookie to play like he did. He did well. Dwayne Haskins had a 101.6 passer rating against the bengals. So if you guys didn’t already know this I’ll explain a little better. The ave QB has a 66.7 passer rating. Now that’s average. Which means he has a 1.00 in 4 categories. Pass completions, ave yards, TDS and Interceptions. If you get a 1 in every category your an average QB. So for Dwayne Haskins to have 101.6 passer rating in his second game shows he is getting better and better. Kyler Murray looked horrible last night. He looked so bad in fact Haskins worst game looked better than kyler. 99% of your QB will throw the ball away instead of taking a safety. And he just wasn’t connecting to any of his receivers. Now his QB rating for that game was so much lower than Haskins. I would have taken Haskins any day of the week over Murray. Murray looked really lost in the game vs Oakland. Seriously lost. Bad in fact. So for everyone saying Haskins ain’t looking good. Facts are facts and there aren’t any other Rookie QBs out there throwing 55 yard bombs to receivers for TDs. Guys just have patience. Haskins will be amazing.


    A bit unfair on Kyler, but that second game was more realistic defensive pressure. The first week, the worse performances were given more to do. That second game was the result of the last week being so simple and premeditated. More than Daniel Jones’ etc. Kyler actually looked good to me in parts just because he can pick up a couple of yards instead of getting sacked behind that offensive line.

    jon bellomy

    Your suppose to get better every game until preseason is over. Not worst. Haskins went from throwing 2 picks no touchdowns to no picks and a touchdown. I’m not being hard on him. The offensive line for the redskins is just as bad as the cardinals offensive line. They have no excuse. Haskins was sacked 5 times kyler only 3 times. So the cardinals have a better offensive line than the redskins. You have to rise to the occasion. And Haskins did. He threw a 55 yard bomb for a TD. I don’t see any other Rookie QB doing that. Not hard on Murray. I was just as hard on Haskins during the game against the Browns when he threw 2 picks.

    Mike G

    @jon bellomy – If Haskins get the pressure Murray got the other night he would have had similar stats. So, let’s be real here. That’s what I’ve been saying about Haskins if they put him with the one’s the same thing would have happened to him as it did to Murray. I like Haskins, but I’m realistic and reasonable and know he’s not ready to be the starter for this team yet – no time soon yet. I know for many that’s hard to admit, but it’s the truth.

    jon bellomy

    @mike g. Seriously half the pressure. 😂😂. Haskins has been sacked 5 times. Vs Murray’s 3. Not a valid point. Redskins offensive line is worst than the cardinals at this point without Trent Williams.

TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

this show is Elite

Nick S

Aaaaahhhhh the season is so close!

Paul Pavich

Can. Not. Wait. For Haskins to play with the 1s. Cannot friggin wait…

Chris Lee

I disagree. I think this still might be Ap very close to Minnesota Ap. 70 different o line combinations and still got a thousand. He got fucked heavy in some of those games. If Trent came back and Ap ran for 1500 I wouldn’t say I was suprised.

Domaneak Smith

We should try to get Pierre Garcon back on our team ..I think he still has something left in the tank

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