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jeremy wilson

lets go cowboys.

Faheem Goree

Zeke was sitting at that dinner table knowing good and well he was going to hold out

    David Butler

    Lmao hell yeah

    The Stranger at Night

    @Plantbased Outdoors No. Piss on Jerry..Zeke is the star of the team. No Zeke. No trio. No Rings. Now other teams won’t have to worry about a cold RB. They can now defend against the WR and lots of play calls will be changing to accommodate not having a great RB

    James Little


    Andre Lewis

    pmodel1 he’s definitely under contract still so your comment isn’t valid..

Rizzo Aristotle

“If your not gonna be physical player you will not be on this team ” Rico Gathers goes down to the ground smh

    Mickey X

    Never given a chance

    Mickey X

    Logan Reyes Well my man I am old school and I have to say that you are right about the off the field issues that is why Zeke is having the problem he is having.We are dealing with a new generation of misled young brothers who have forgotten about the playing field they are competing on,its not equal. You are right he can’t drop passes or anything he might need to check with the Houston Rockets they could use a power foward

    Rizzo Aristotle

    @Mickey X Zeke on the field is the best player on the team he needs to paid if not let Zeke sit out and you will see how average Dak really is


    @Ryan S amen


Zeke needs to come back for Gary’s wise words to become reality

    Jason Bradham

    Needs to be paid, and he’ll be back

    Ryan S

    Jason Bradham in two years when his contract is up then sure

Derek Ban Yasharal

Well I guess Zeke figured he’d just be selfish and not show up to help out. The mature way is the Dak and Amari way!


    Yeah it’s selfish to want your money in a system that’ll “not honor” your contract whenever they feel like it. See Hurns.

    Derek Ban Yasharal

    @Iam NoOne I get what you’re saying! And him knowing is so called friend Dak has negotiations going on, Zeke went into dirtbag mode and started pouting!

Pat 1984

Let’s Go this is our time ⭐️💪

Brandon Dowdy

I like this.  It’s like their personal Hard Knocks.

    Chef Coonery

    Brandon Dowdy Same thing I thought

    Joshua Novak

    Same I love it

    Lil Sonic Recinos

    Frfr i can’t wait to see what they continue to do with training camp and the regular season

Manuel Tovar

This video gave me goosebumps where i didn’t even know i could get goosebumps. GO COWBOYS!!!

    Chef Coonery

    Manuel Tovar Lil suspect

    Manuel Tovar

    @Chef Coonery i guess hearing a coach talk about Superbowl to his players will do that. Ive been watching videos for the past several years and its always been playoffs playoffs but never really Superbowl talk. Except last year when Dak told those kids he wanted them to have Superbowl tickets because he was ganna be there. That gave me goosebumps too. I thought Dak knew something i didn’t.

    Andre Lewis

    Chef Coonery 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀😭😭😭 SAVAGE

Kelly Dardeen

All of the Off Field Troubles Zeke has already gotten into and Jerry has Stood by him and Defend Him ? an he Still has 2 more yrs. on the Contract Zeke Signed ! I Guess he Still has some Growing Up to do. Anyone Remember Demarco Murray ? SMH !!

    Lil Sonic Recinos

    Exactly zeke wants to make sure he has life in Dallas after his rookie contract is up and not kicked to the curb like DeMarco

Jimmy Alonzo

Jeff heath need to learn how to tackle. 8:18 is a perfect example and in many games in the regular season he hits with his shoulder and doesn’t wrap up. We should have let him go a long time ago

Robert Bennett

Zekes holdout ain’t nothing but press (click bait fodder). It IS part of the PROCESS!!!! This team is gonna be a juggernaut. We got the backups now…. AND backups to backups. JMO

    Alex Morales

    Now he getting sued for 20 mil along with jerry Jones..


    Robert Bennett I hope so bro

Paul Brown

This has become a side show circus and all of the Clowns Jerry, Steven, and Jason need to decide do they want a chance at the Superbowl or at least the playoffs🤔 One thing is for sure! Dallas lineman says they are healthy and feeling youthful! Dallas Defense is beefing up! DALLAS QB is working on weaknesses along with wide receivers core! But the back field is not secured but rather insecured! Allow me to explain: I don’t have a back that has the abilities Zeke bring to the table! Every winning team knows if these essentials are not in place its a problem!!🤔 Next last year Dallas lost first round playoff game! But line unhealthy and missing players! This year bring back old vet Witten but now RB out / on hold! Jerry should know better but I think his Alzheimer is kicking in! And Steven just don’t know anything 🤔🤪 dad dad help me as usual without your help dad I am nothing! Me personally I will watch but I am going to make it my business not to get my energy high on this game and team! Because its all entertainment to the billionaires! Dance boy! When I say Dance or Jump boy! ( plantation fever) Jim crow would be so proud!

thereturnof goldberg

If Zeke comes back and WINS another rushing title AND A SUPERBOWL, he could get 17-20

Joshua Novak

I love this series not only because the cowboys are in it but it shows all the behind the scenes like all or nothing, so awesome

Reggie Noble

But are those group of men in that room, doing what their supposed to do?

JK’s Outdoor Journal

Let’s go Cowboys. Excited for the year ahead. Hope they can figure out the Zeke situation.


Ayy it’s a process to the super bowl. Lots of adversity will come but it’s how u handle it

tony montana

I don’t think zeke will be a cowboy next season

Frank Rodriguez

Don’t get me wrong Zeke is a great player! But his attitude reminds me of a stuck up teenage girl

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