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win the turnover game and it’s a different conversation.

    santiago villa

    yep the two fumbles were poison to the cowboys, i do not think is on Prescott. I do think it has more to do with the coaching staff, having so much talent and not being able to adapt is pathetic (for this has been the same problem for the las 9 years, the clapper years)

    Stevie Mac23

    @santiago villa a handful players could’ve played better but yeah ultimately that was on coaching especially Garrett/ Moore

Elijah Ward

Amari and the other WRs focus too much on speed and route running they need to use their hands to create more separation from the CBs


    Lol, Cooper was flagged TWICE for doing just that.


    I might add that neither one of those flags was warranted, especially the second one as the pass was way over everyone’s head. If you want to see push off, just look at last year’s game. The ONLY TD that NO scored in that game was a very very obvious push-off in the endzone that was not called.

    internal thoughted1

    Elijah Ward see what happened when they did lol callled bs pi


Is there a podcast of this show?

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