The Pittsburgher’s Creed 2019 – Pittsburgh Steelers Game Open (voiced by Michael Keaton) – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The Pittsburgher’s Creed 2019 – Pittsburgh Steelers Game Open (voiced by Michael Keaton)

The ‘Pittsburgher’s Creed,’ which is a part of our pregame game presentation, is a love letter to Pittsburgh written by James G. Connell Jr. in 1912 was published in the Gazette Times. It appeared to just be a random submission from a Pittsburgh resident. But its lore has grown, and the creed is something that is still popular today, while at the same time being something many have never heard.

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Malik ElcoSS454

This was a terrific short film about my team ( Pittsburgh Steelers).

Robin Barbour

I LOVE IT!!!😍😁

Gillermo Arias

Si no corren a tomlin trendemos otro año sin postemporada y fracasó es un entrenador faltó de ideas y de evolucionar a nuevos retos …el es el único culpable de las malas temporadas del equipo i sino lo corren steelers seguira siempre fracasando ……para mi el técnico ideal para los steelers sería el ex entrenador de los green Bay packers couh macarty

Frank Herrera

Yes, but I don’t believe in Tomlin.


    Nope, he’s been here 5 years to long. 3 playoff wins in 8 years is not acceptable. With 1 of those wins being gifted to us by the Bengals.

    Bobby Johnson

    Hes going to be really tested after ben gone. Mason Rudolph is good but still needs a team to support him.

Tommy Cravens


Most High Michael

I believe that the Pittsburgh Steelers lack pride, are 0-2, and resemble the Browns more and more each day. Stop pumping out bull$hit Hollywood commercials and start coaching and playing championship level football. PERIOD. #FireTomlin #FireButler “The standard is the standard”??? Chuck Noll is the standard

    Christopher B.

    I’m on the same boat, The standard is the standard and Tomlin and Butter have both failed, also the culture will never change with Tomlin in charge. Steelers are my team and I will always be behind them , but sick of the entitled attitude and no production on the field, it’s the culture, and I’m sick of it. The only shining light was Mason Rudolph.

    Bobby Johnson

    Wow you got to lose a lot of seasons to be the browns.

    Bobby Johnson

    You just wish they resembled the browns.

    Most High Michael

    @Bobby Johnson every season without a Lombardi is a losing (Browns) season.

Christopher B.

The standard is the standard. And we have failed. The culture has to die, by by Tomlin.

    Lex's 4hed

    Bye bye*


RIP Steelers 2019-2020 season

Dave Jones

i miss #43. #86. #36

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