Watch the moment that Coach Bill Belichick called N'Keal Harry during day 1 on the 2019 NFL Draft.

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63 replies on “The moment N’Keal Harry was drafted by the Patriots”

  1. Finally! Been looking all over the internet for this! Lol Welcome to the Dynasty Harry!!

  2. Welcome brother and we appreciate the road you’ve taken to get here and all the hard work! This is the litmus test now, I hope to see you work and improve on your game even more in the League. You a Patriot now baby 🔥

  3. the moment you find out you are going 2 play for the GREATEST COACH OF ALL TIME, with the GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME, on the GREATEST TEAM OF ALL TIME!!!!

  4. @Eduardo Cruz.. Most of the time Patriots traded in the first round.. Surprising the choose the first round pick this time.. Lol..
    It been awhile that I still remember when the Patriots traded Mark Ingram in the first round to the New Orleans Saints.. Lol.. I don’t remember too much, just little..😁

  5. @Damarys Dingui we got Sony Michel last year in the first but you’re right we rarely do

  6. Awesome! His grandma is happy and proud tonight. She raised him up right. Go Patriots!!!
    Revin’ For Seven

  7. The league steals many of our first round picks for forced parity but I won’t go into details (video attached). We have McCourty, Wynn (probably our starting LT now), Michel, Malcolm Brown and maybe others as well as first round guys from other teams like Dorsett and McCourty. I believe Hightower was first but may have been early second.

    We draft some first round busts like that undersized DT (like 275-285) with two bum knees and a French name. He wasn’t at the podium yet when I knew that was a mistake. Dominique Easley or something? Yeah he’s small AND already had surgery on both knees? I knew right away Bill was telling the league that he didn’t need first round picks to win championships. Bill claimed he had the best hands at D line in the draft but who knows. That kid got cut before his rookie contract ended.

    Why the league tries to find excuses to take away our draft picks:

  8. @GamerFabio702 What Brady is not even close to Jordan. Jordan changed the game and changed shoes, no disrespect to Brady but has he even changed the game? Btw I’m not even a Jordan fan lol

  9. todd long shut tf up dude. You think an athlete as fluid and as humble as he is would even consider being cut before the season starts? With the patriots even drafting him in the first round speaks volumes. All he has to do is show that same work ethic he had at ASU and he’ll be fine.

  10. @Ken Triplett …you Obviously Dont know Football ….1st rounders get cut all the Time. …The NFL has NO GUARANTEE CONTRACTS & MAKING THE TEAM …..

  11. @andy odvor bro winning in basketball isn’t in the same stratasphere as winning in football nearly impossible to build a dynasty like the Patriots in football players are leaving constantly as oppose to basketball where guys stick with teams for yrs at a time it’s not even close bill and Tom are the greatest

  12. @meaturama Rather would go 6-3 than 6-0. Means you were their more times and got 3 more conference titles

  13. @Derrick Robinson lets change topic lol iam on that Cleveland hype train, 10-6 this year!?? what u think lol

  14. @Kevin Neilly I’m a bills fan and actual like Brady but I just think the team they have now is not that good and I feel like its the mid 90s the bills were good but not as good they were and NE was coming up with blesoe,mcginest, coats and that group u look now they have Allen, Edmunds,white,Oliver it’s role reversal

  15. @Derrick Robinson oh boy, i gotta see some more promise outta allen and that offense before i can say the bills are gonna be a force, still a couple years out i think!! i know you are ready for a playoff run though lolol. can agree the bills defense is pretty descent

  16. Actually he’s the unluckiest player, him and among others who got drafted to the Pats, it would suck to get drafted to the Pats now rather than a few years ago

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