The Making of the Shield | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The Making of the Shield | Baltimore Ravens

Learn how the Ravens' new steel shield was made locally at Baltimore Knife and Sword, and incorporated a piece of Baltimore history.

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Anthony Saldana

Go ravens many blessings to other teams

Ruben Sedeno

Mis ravens los amo mi equipo querido 🤘💪🤙


Yess we have been waiting for it to come back for years thanx


Lamar Jackson is better than Cam Newton

    Carlos Chavez

    AGK927 listen.I love Lamar and he’s really good.But not that good.

    Nightmare Kilo

    @Carlos Chavez tf u mean not that good? Cam is not even “that good” LMFAO

    Jason Varghese

    Why stop at Cam? Lamar has the tools to become the GOAT


If you don’t know, Baltimore Knife and Sword have a series on YouTube called “Man at Arms” where they make some pretty cool and outlandish things and weapons. If you liked this video I promise you won’t be disappointed if you check it out.

    joe hill

    I’ve actually bought from them before

    Kerry Stagmer

    Thanks Rockman!


    Kerry Stagmer no problem, I love the show!! I’ve seen every episode

    Chase Murphy

    Man at Arms is amazing!

    Sang Nguyen

    Yo it is dope

Jesse Eubanks

Sunday WTF you at. I been waiting all week


I want that shield, its awesome

Alvaro Silvera

A real shield for a real team: AWESOME!!

Ryan Serio

Ravens have the best videos all over social media

YB Smash

this is so dope! Baltimore Pride!

Mr. Gideonion

I’m going to be at home opener boys

Jace Woods

Well Damn! Who’s gonna copy us next again 💯💯🔥🔥🔥

Your Daily Milk

I want one this is so hype


Is there a full episode of this?? Their YouTube channel is AWEsome!

Nate 7

If the baltimore media team made a real movie I would definitely go to the theater to watch it

    Kerry Stagmer

    They were fantastic to work with. Real pros.

Bodymore MDummy

Our Defense is the Shield real tough durable and protect of from our opponents


I would like to see that logo on the Ravens helmet!

James Mcgregor

3:51 Would of been DOPE to see it finalized like this in all silver like medevil times without the colors.

    Kerry Stagmer

    I’ll check. I might have a picture at that stage.

O.G RayJack

You heard it from me technically Lamar is still a rookie.🤯 8 regular season games and one playoff game. B- More we got us a winner!! 🏈🎱🛡️💜🏟️

Jake B

Lol this dude’s like my neighbor. I live in Marriottsville

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