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The Lo-Down with Lorenzo Alexander

Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander joined One Bills Live on September 13, 2019 with his Lo-Down for the Giants in Week 2.

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TheOmiester Reply

I’m thinking of getting an Alexander Jersey, should I do that?

    FreelanceXD Reply

    Hell yeah! Just know this is likely his last season before he retires.

    ll S N A R L ll Reply

    I wouldnt spend $100 on a shirt with someone elses name on it… & if i did… itd b a retired guy… they’re always on the team …

    Gonzo Reply

    Dude is so damn loyal and is a well respected Bills veteran. I personally plan on buying an Edmunds jersey. Dude is a monster.

David Gorsky Reply

great player, great leader

Charles Summers Reply

Boy the Bill’s defense is scary!!!

Max Reply

I need that shirt Zo

Donnybrook Reply

what is this bullshit software/malware we are seeing over top of these videos?

Mark Mckinney Reply

I love everyone on the team. Good people through and through

Dylan Reply

Lo is going to be a d coordinator that the league fears when he decides to call it quits on his playing days.

Gonzo Reply

Chef Dion’s Mac and Cheese 💀

Alex Reply

How can you not love this guy

O_itzVITAL_O The Real Vital Reply

Lorenzo Alexander screams future NFL coach. If I was a GM, I’d hire that man once he retires if he is interested in coaching.

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