The LBs Tore it Up in 2019 | View Highlights! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The LBs Tore it Up in 2019 | View Highlights!

View some highlights from the Bucs Linebacker crew from the 2019 season!

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Mike P Reply

Lavonte will get the recognition he deserves when we make the playoffs next season! Mark my words! Go Bucs☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

    Mike P Reply

    Brandon Smith Traitor!!!

    Brandon Smith Reply

    You can call him a traitor when you take less money for doing your job.

    Ryzen Reply

    We replaced Kwon with Devin. Ain’t missing Kwon here.

    Mike P Reply

    Brandon Smith It’s a joke. Relax. Had he taken less money we could have used that pic for another team need but we got a younger, faster LB that has a sky high ceiling in Devin White. Ain’t trippin at all.

    Ryzen Reply

    Kwon also couldn’t stay healthy all year again, looking like they overpaid for an injury prone linebacker.

M R Reply

Deep playoff run next year

J M Reply

We not the Texans we can stop a Mahomes offense and I believe we will.

Mike Flowers Reply

Lets bring em back and do it again! Go bucs!

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