The Kickoff Show: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys | 2019 Week 7 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jessica Villafane Reply

Fly Eagles Fly

cut Reply

season is over.. great players .. poor coaching.

CardiacKip Reply

Stale, predictable, and uninspired.

Morning Sports Wood Reply

Eagles offensive line is a big problem. They’re not in their prime anymore.

Lane and Brooks are still good but Peters is way passed his prime/keeps getting hurt. Kelce has lost a step and Seumalo is not a starting Guard in this league.

Receivers keep letting Wentz down. We have good TEs but Alshon isn’t as good as he used to be, Agholor makes too many mistakes, and our only “hope” is 32 year old DJax.

We have a week LB corps who can’t tackle and our corners are some of the worst in the league. Malcom Jenkins can’t cover up all of their mistakes by himself.

    cut Reply

    I can’t recall the times I beat my hand on the table when Coach went for a run on 3rd and 10-15 in the last two seasons.. it’s almost a sickness.. “if I can get to 4 and 2 I can be a hero running on 4th” Such a waste to spend so much on a great QB and then running on 3rd EVERY play.. ugh.. what ever.. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    D Greatest Reply

    @cut remember that this core defense gave up a super bowl record for yards. They was exposed then and in 2 offseasons it was never addressed.

    cut Reply

    @D Greatest love ya man … dont want to talk right know.. 🙁

Xzvius Reply

Who would’ve thought it’d be the Cowboys to give the Eagles the Saints blowout from last year this year.

Time to remove Pederson from the Philly Special statue and build one for Reich; the true brains behind the 2017 season.

Jersey Cane Reply

This team is overated

first last Reply

Ready for the sixers

D Greatest Reply

A coach that doesn’t know the strength of his team, Aging d-line and o-line, under size linebackers, cornerbacks can’t cover, no depth at wr, overrated and overpaid quarterback, no cap space. We are done unless we get from under that 108 guaranteed contract. Held on to Brandon Graham, Darren sprolls, Ronald Darby, to long. Roseman had a bad offseason.

Eagle40 Reply

This team stinks and is worthless. Schwartz needs to go. No defense and no line. Peterson is a big disappointment.

Prediction….8-8. No playoffs.

Joe Lucas Reply

Changes must be made and it starts with Schwartz

Chase McBrien Reply

Wentz is a liability. Get Foles back. Don’t care what you gotta do, just get Foles back.

Jimenez Garcia Reply

Is come to the point in which i need to be high to watch my team play, so frustrating

Lamont Reply

Eagles, we win one ring and that’s it? We’re going back to the dark days of the Eagles again. I should just take my ring and run I guess? Now none of the players want to play for the team anymore? We’re hurting ourselves. Schwartz needs to go immediately. Might as well call this the season cause we suck!! Either SB or Bust. Our playoffs start now.

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