The Gus Bus Is Ready to Roll | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The Gus Bus Is Ready to Roll | Ravens Final Drive

Running back Gus Edwards would love lots of action if Mark Ingram isn't at 100 percent for Saturday's game.

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Owen J. Mcgillicuty

We are going all the way!!!!
(Can you reply)



Kai Sommers

People forgetting that Gus would be a 1000 yard rusher if he was the starter… I mean, two weeks ago we rushed for over 200 against a top 3 defense without Ingram… It would help to have him, but it’s not a dier need

    Sang Nguyen

    Gus The Bus.


    Kai Sommers he’s almost at 1000 being the third option lmao, gus is as food as anyone running the ball, and he is a punishing runner just like Henry, fight fire with fire…


Quality depth is a beautiful thing. We have 2 starters at the RB position. So if Mark can’t FULLY go, then we’ll be in good shape. 🚌


    Ingraven coming in here with the facts 😤 it’s gonna be fun Saturday watching Gus maybe play

Will Hunter

Y’all need to do the introductions again too

Computer Guy

I’d prefer all 3 ready to go but Gus and Hill can handle the load until next week when Mark comes back. All good. Titans are not as good as ppl are saying.

Augie N.


Sony Swift

SuperBowl here we come. Get well Ingram


The reason why we had so much faith in our rushing attack is that Gus averaged over 100 yards as a starter when he was a rookie. I hope Ingram is healthy but Gus can handle starting duties.

Right Left Paradigm

Gus the Bus Big Truss!

Chris Corbin

We are lucky to have depth at almost every position. Ingram wants to play, but should only come in if needed. Save him for division championship.

Invictus kRAZED

Big truss to gus the bus >:)

Bradley Shoemaker

We need mark though😭 plz mark be starting

Mr. Gideonion

I am going

Richard Henckel

Cant wait until saturday

Cherish Lady

Gus the bus legit can handle the load he built for this!!!

juan aparcicio

If Ingram dont get you he finna send the BIG DAWGS after you BELEEDAT

ryan damon



can someone edit the magic school bus intro but RGiii is Driving and Gus is the bus, with Arnold as the Steelers

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