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“The Franchise” presented by GEHA | Ep. 9: Kick It Off

This week on The Franchise, presented by GEHA ( ), with roster cuts looming as the preseason comes to an end, we sit down with general manager Brett Veach, for a behind the scenes look at how it all goes down. Then, we kick off the season in Jacksonville, as we relive a record setting day for Patrick Mahomes, Sammy Watkins and the Chiefs offense. Finally, tight end Travis Kelce was wired for sound against the Jaguars and takes us through the dominant offensive performance against Jacksonville's vaunted defense.


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Alejandro Lazalde Reply

Wassup Chiefs



Ryan Schulze Reply

Fix the special teams Dave. That phase has not been good thus far…

    Horseless Cowboy Reply

    Toub the best ST coach in NFL… he got this…..–πŸ€ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

    Ryan Schulze Reply

    @Horseless Cowboy he used to be. 4 ST penalties in 2 games. Consistently catching punts inside the 10 yard line. Bringing kickoffs out from deep in the endzone and starting drives inside the 20. The ST unit has regressed over the last couple years.

    Karrott9 Reply

    @Ryan Schulze they’ve always caught punts inside the 10. And brought out all kicks. It’s what they do.

Charles Young Reply

This is the year

kcroyals 4 Reply

If we really feel like this about Ramsey, GO AFTER HIM!!!!

    Prosperatk Reply

    Nah as a fan im good

    Kent Vandyck Reply

    I have a feeling we are getting him.

    Brambo KcCheefin Reply

    Our defense needs some balls!

    Mr Filo Reply

    They want 2 #1s and more and he’s due 15 Million next year. That’s a lot he would have to agree with a new Contract before we trade for him.
    Plus if we trade for him Chris Jones probally won’t get a new Contract may not be enough cap space.

Ryan Schaper Reply

I like how they zeroed in on a future chief at 14:29

    Isaac Shumaker Reply

    Ryan Schaper I hope man

Lanzo Lanzo Reply

Let’s go chiefs

Dale Winston Reply

J Ramsey to make the cipher complete

Laci Adams Reply

I realize, as Chiefs fans, we say this every year….. But…. THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!!

    Lilia Ramos Reply

    14-2 calling it rn

    Cody Leonard Reply

    Hah, there were a few years we definitely WEREN’T saying that…lol

    Terry Gandy Reply

    You know we have a good team when Chiefs Marketing isn’t pushing the “Feel the Excitement” campaign.

    Steven Cowan Reply


Steven Beggs Reply

How ever many likes this gets is how many TDs Patrick Mahomes throws this year

    kcroyals 4 Reply

    Steven Beggs I don’t think 60 people are going to like

    dumbcommentblaster Reply

    @kcroyals 4 I think you’re high on crack but who really cares about personal opinion?

Jake Bagwell Reply

Why is Todd McShay decked out in Chiefs gear?

    Karrott9 Reply

    He was the sideline reporter for the preseason.

Tystick 77 Reply

That was nice!!! Love this content fellas… just needs to be looonnnnnger πŸ™‚

Ian Ballard Reply

All 4 Jacksonville fans disliked this video. πŸ™‚

Noah Dennis Reply

I’m an EAGLES guy but Andy Reid is fkn awesome. I really pray he gets a Superbowl, the man is GREAT! RIP to his son.
Fly Eagles Fly πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…
But also, Go Cheifs too baby!

Sam Jennings Reply

You can tell Shady has been in the league a while, man talks well in front of the press

Deaven Snyder Reply

Chiefs and Royals will win the championship the same year 2022

Kate Champion Reply

PR tip for Brittany. When she is sitting on a podium in front of the public, she is a representative of herself, Chiefs Kingdom, and Patrick. Stay off her phone.

Mr Hazlett Reply

You know we show up and show out. We love our boys. #ChiefsKingdom

Corey B Reply

“when you get to the playoffs, teams to pass, they run.” Idk that Tom Brady drive was a swift kick in the nuts.

debmac2 Reply

I so love my Kansas City Chiefs #Chiefskingdom ……. Nice legs Coach Toub πŸ™‚

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