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“The Franchise” presented by GEHA | Ep. 8: A Seat at the Table

This week on The Franchise, presented by GEHA ( ), the team wraps up Training Camp at Missouri Western State University and heads to Pittsburgh for preseason game number 2. Then it's back to work at One Arrowhead Drive, as defensive end Frank Clark is wired for sound at practice. The 49ers come to town for preseason game three and the first real dress rehearsal for the Chiefs starters. Finally, we catch up with third year defensive end Tanoh Kpassagnon and his passion for art.


"The Franchise" will air every other week on all Chiefs digital platforms, including YouTube, Chiefs.com, and the Chiefs Facebook.

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Lee Nez Reply


Lamour Hilburn Reply

Kansas City Chiefs!!!!

Playa Fly Fan Reply


King 816 Reply

I’m a simple man I see the franchise I click ❤️

Joshua Nash Reply

KPass has pretty good skills. I love that he loves the Cell saga in DBZ like myself.

    Zachary Barnett Reply

    Skateboard so dope

TheDoubleDinger Reply

I was there for the 49ers game. Can’t wait for the season to start up!!

B Ax Reply

4:13 “Nice!”

Reggie Jackson Reply

Legion of Zoom, dat shyt hot

Israel Bound Reply

Tom Brady
Colin Cowherd
Philip Rivers
Jon Gruden and
Von Miller
Disliked this video

    Rusty Reese Reply

    When did Cowherd find the time? He would have had to spit out Bradys schlong to do it, and I have never seen him without his mouth wrapped around it.

    zack16 Reply

    @Rusty Reese He’s so annoying lol dude gets on my nerves

    J A Reply

    Hard to hate on Brady. He is a class act. Much respect to and from Mahomes with Brady. I wanna see another AFC Championship between the two but Chiefs Kingdom on the winning end in a blowout to the SuperBowl.

    Israel Bound Reply

    @J A agreed

    zack16 Reply

    @J A That would be nice for a change haha

Sean S. Reply

This was one of the better eps. It’s 12:10 p.m. EST meaning the 1st game of the regular season starts TODAY! FOOTBALL IS OFFICIALLY BACK BABY!

Slim is chillin Reply

Kpass draws dbz? I like him even more now

zack16 Reply

Frank Clark is a great player to have in that locker room. I like what I’m seeing from Kpass. Hopefully he can carry that into the season

Michelle Eldridge Reply

today starts the NFL season!! lets go Chieeeeefffffsssss!!

fred davis Reply

Maholmes for 60 and 6000 this year! Plus another 12 and 1200 in the playoffs! With Super Bowl MVP! Hell yeah! It could happen. Lol

Captain Dingleberry Reply

This go all year coz Hardknocks was garbage this year.

Micah Hayes Reply

Daaammmnnn…Honey Badger cover skills are on lock. Kelce ran a sick route and he was all over it.

    Aaron Reply

    Micah Hayes bro the way he mirrors kelce on the change of direction was like football ballet

Robb Hotdog Reply

I’m so pumped for this season to start. Thumbs up for the next super bowl champs 2020

Luke Hurtig Reply

Man are the Chiefs lucky to have Frank Clark!

Loofy 26 Reply

i waited 15 days to buy me a red friday small flag. Btw im in europe i pay like 35 $ to get a 5 $ flag but im ok with it cuz i just love the franchise. all flag out of stock after few hours…… can’t get my bday present. im so sad

Aaron Reply

Bro that one rep with kelce and the honey badger was poetic.

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