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“The Franchise” presented by GEHA | Ep. 7: A Long Time Coming

This week on presented by GEHA ( ), we head to Canton to enshrine two legends at the Pro Hall of Fame, travel to Monroe, Louisiana to Johnny Robinson's Boys Home, as we get a glimpse into the life and career of the former great. Finally, we relive the sights and sounds of the start of the preseason with a win over the at .


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Kevin Vincent

I have been absolutely loving this series! Keep ’em coming, Chiefs!

    GODz Shadow

    I’m a Dolphins Phan but I’m hooked to this series!!

Sean S.

Chiefs Kingdom wants that trophy… Chiefs Kingdom NEEDS that trophy. Leggo!

The Machine

It’s always like cutting onions watching these videos

Desert Hugh Freeman

If you’re in the KINGDOM, you gotta love it. CHIEFS KINGDOM!!

Sean S.

Johnie Robinson says the pinnacle of his life, is his boys home….NOT getting into the HOF, which goes to show you the type of person he is. Too long to wait JR, you deserve it! For my era of football, we all knew To y G. was a 1st ballot HOF’r, breaking basically every record as a TE. He has that 1 stain with us fans when he left, literally saying he didn’t believe he could win a SB playing for the Chiefs….well, time heals all wounds, but just imagine if he had stayed, he would’ve had Jamaal Charles the year he left and for another 4-5 years or so and maybe a year with Big Red….anyways, we know they both deserve it.

Larry Mac

Wow, that Johnny Robinson is some kinda man huh? Unreal


I’m only 18 years old, so I never knew the story of Johnny Robinson. That’s what this series is so good for. I’m happy to know he spent his career with the #ChiefsKingdom.


    Learn that history.

    Cheese cake 21

    Same man am only 21

Evan Gray

Um. Tony Gonzalez was not drafted in 2003.

    Paul Love

    EXACTLY. It was 1997

    Slim is chillin

    I was about to say… like, did this dude just say 2003? Lmao I had to rewind


    For Chiefs fans of that era, 2003 is the only year that we didn’t repress.

David F

We stay healthy and throw in some weekly opportunistic advantages. We win it all. Defense just needs a few more stops per game and playing more consistent effort. We will win 13 or 14 again.

Tone B.

15:15 Tony Gonzalez was drafted in the 1st round with the number 13 overall pick in the 1997 draft. Where did yaw get 2003 from??🤔🤦🏽‍♂️

    Chad Dexter

    Yeah, when I first heard that, I had to rewind to make sure I heard that right. Somebody screwed up.

Carlos Ruiz

Johnny Robinson is the real MVP!!! GOATED 😢


I love how invested Clark Hunt is in the team and players and how he wants to win and wants what’s best for the organization unlike some other stuck up douches like Stan Kroenke.


I’ve never have been so excited and nervous for season more than this year lol!


Much Respect Mr Robinson.

Justin Staley

Keep the series going! Seems every episode gets better and better

Mike Fox Renovations

I am not crying… YOU’RE CRYING!!!!!!!! 😢😢😢😢… Emotion overload

eric siggins

Tony Gonzalez was drafted 1997 I met him that year they all came to bayonne high school for a basketball game in Wich he sprained his ankle was with will shields danan Hughes tamarik vanover bam morris a bunch of them


Oh God. This one got me….. right in the feels

Nick Sanzana

I love this, Johnny Robinson defines what a genuine good person is. Thanks for producing this, coming from a Chargers fan 🙂

Jarome Porter

Congrats Mr. Johnny. Well deserved on and off the field. I know him personally. One amazing person.

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