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The First TD of the 2019 Preseason!

Khalfani Muhammad scores the first touchdown of the preseason! The Denver Broncos take on the Atlanta Falcons during the 2019 Hall of Fame game.

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Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights Reply


Nigga Hobbs Reply

Yeahhh 🏈

Grim Sniperr Reply

Khalifah Muhammad looking good early on the again it’s only preseason

macpumperkinz Reply


Batman Pop's Reply

The boys are back in Town football time baby lol😄

Chase Richardson Reply

Goddamn I missed football!

BostonSportsFan Reply

Every year I get so excited for preseason football to start and then I realized that preseason football is terrible

    Shortest SB Champion QB Reply

    @Legend__ 21 They need to cut it to 3 weeks at least. By the way how do you feel about Melvin Gordon?

    Pollo Gaming Reply

    BostonSportsFan that’s cause patriots fans have nothing to do in the regular season and preseason. They just wait for the post season and when they get their ring. 😂 (no hate)

    BostonSportsFan Reply

    Pollo Gaming no cap though😂

T TT Reply

Football is back baby 💪🏽

SangheiliWarrior Reply

Muhammad snuffed of top 10 players this year

    Ninef Sargis Reply

    …… okay buddy

Spencer Lee Reply

I’m calling it right now giants trade everyone on the team for draft picks except for saquon and saquon plays every position. Giants win the super bowl

    Spencer Lee Reply

    @Antonio Melton-Molina at least he scored the 7 and were so bad that all the bandwagners have left 😂😭

    Larry Legend is the GOAT Reply

    Saquon finna be quite the fantasy stud

    Jordan Clausell Reply

    Zeke about to break the rushing record.

    Spencer Lee Reply

    @Jordan Clausell 😂 that’s funnier then what I said

Hector Rodriguez Reply

Joe Flaco looks different in a Uniform so weird

Mike CanKill Reply

Is it me or this season back super fast?!

    Lame ass Willie Reply

    Naw it feels like it came back around real fast

    ScoopsMcGoops Reply

    Still a month to go, the preseason always feels early at the beginning… and then feels like an eternity during

    Eben Andrews Reply

    Bruh I was scrolling through YouTube and I saw this and I thought it was last years highlights and then I was wait wtf

Mike S Reply

I better pick him up for my fantasy team !

Vash Reply

Falcons defense is already in midseason form..

Rise up!?

    WE OUT HERE Reply


    Ninef Sargis Reply

    nah falcons will never win cause brady destroyed matty ices self esteem

    Vash Reply

    @Ninef Sargis As a Falcons fan myself , I think that Ryan is fine. The defense has always been the problem since Vick was there.

    When they lose its always the defense not wrapping up and tackling, they’re always blowing coverages , and the run stopping is a joke.

Paul Wicks Reply

Football is finally back! Everyone rejoice, we made it through the offseason!

Veezo TV Reply


plixie1 Reply

I didnt know it started today. I should of been at twin peaks, because thier TV is bigger than mine.

Tenormic3 Reply

Third year back actually. He was drafted by the Titans in 2017.

Sports Gamers Online Reply

Muhammad really blew up in this game.

Theo Irving Reply

Man can’t wait for the actual season to start.

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