The First Play from Scrimmage of the 2019 Preseason! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Ken Fulton {Baby Elder} Reply

Football is back!!! It felt like an ETERNITY!!!

    Adhy Nugroho Reply

    Compared to other sports… the NFL offseason is an eternity.

Uncle Luke Reply

Football is back

M G Reply

Who else is happy that football is back!

    Mobilebeast 49 Reply

    i sure am

    AntonioLima Reply

    Go hawks!!!!

    Gabphin 136 Reply

    I’m not as enthusiastic, I’m a Dolphins fan

    Shortest SB Champion QB Reply

    Me #GoHawks

    Alex Garcia Reply

    seattle 11-5

Grim Sniperr Reply

Finally Football is back LFG #FlyEaglesFly

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

watch the 2019 season go by hella quick.

    Dewnyne King Reply

    Sadly it always does

    oBLINKING Reply

    Absolutely just like this entire year honestly but its gonna be insane i cant wait for this season

    Kazi420 SB52 Reply

    It’s already over

Yohei Mito Reply

HOF Game / Preseason game .. as long it’s football i’d watch it rather than watching nothing

Jan Nelle Reply

I don’t see a kick off

antho draco Reply

1 month and a 4 days til football begins I cant wait

Jordan Davis Reply

Matt Schaub still in the league?

    Larry Legend is the GOAT Reply

    Ikr when they showed him I was like “this guy is still alive?” 😂

    TBExjonny Reply

    Larry Legend is the GOAT why tf are you everywhere???

    Larry Legend is the GOAT Reply

    @TBExjonny cuz I love football 😁

Nick - Reply

Extremely exciting video lmao

    Andrew Fischbach Reply


Aaron Beaulieu Reply

2 teams I don’t care about full of rookies I’ve never heard of…i don’t care man I haven’t had football in 6 months, I need this man

Dak 4 PresGoat Reply

Cowboys ain’t playing but hey football is back

Derek Orozco Reply

Damn I remember when that dude used to play for Notre dame high. He was a beast.

Drank in my cup Reply

This kid will be the next great back mark my words…

    Larry Legend is the GOAT Reply

    Don’t get too ahead of yoiraelf lol

Micah Craelius Reply

Wow a 3 yard gain a real can’t miss play for sure!

    Demetrius Snell Reply

    Right what happened to the touchdown

Retro radio Reply

Last year was my first time following the NFL for an entire season …
Not being able to watch anymore hit me harder than I thought. I’m ready!!

Blair Malfara Reply

ahhh.. good hearing Al Michaels on the call!

mason jason Reply

is this preseason week 1 were the highlights?!!

Kvng_Truce Reply

Ravens has to best rookie team in the nfl💯

Quinnen Williams Reply

We’re all excited for that Giants game 😀

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