The fight on the road continues | Falcons-Cardinals game trailer – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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C Smith


Pepper 526

If your gonna turn your season around this is the team to start on

    King Reala


    The 3 Prankskateers

    Gonna hafta go 9-2 to make the playoffs that’s not happening😢

Ethan Lilley

I honestly hope y’all lose to the Cards so AB will do something. Tank for the picks and get a new staff!

I'm That Guy Eddie

I kinda Hope Yall Lose SO we can be first for the drafting season 😂😂 hope yall Win

The 3 Prankskateers

My expectations can’t get any lower than this so you better win



Tony Name

When we lose. Changes need to happen ASAP

    Charles Robinson

    Tony Name if*

    Tony Name

    Charles Robinson there’s no if, when dan Quinn and dirk Koetter are calling plays. 2 of the worst play callers in the NFL


We were fighting? It must be something like Captain America before the steroids. lol #ICanDoThisAllSeason

Billy Ray Valentine


    I'm That Guy Eddie

    Shut Up and go listen your Ying yang music 😂

    Billy Ray Valentine

    I’m That Guy Eddie if youre not from atlanta and are a season ticket/psl holder then cease all convo with me. We suck….bad….but you get what you draft for.

    I'm That Guy Eddie

    @Billy Ray Valentine true I just don’t like people just to come and hate the team and the like ” 28-3 ” but yeah u right we do suck rn

Nick bagnulo


Willie The Fox

Just lock up Larry and murry

Cezar Brito

Sorry Atlanta failed you all these years Julio. You are going to have to leave of you want a ring.


    majority of elite WR never earned a ring..
    is he returns the 66 mil for signing than he can be traded..other than that he stay here even if he sits out.

Good Looking Honkey

Bums. All……BUMS

ZukoDaPrince Channel

Turn it around Atlanta! We better than this.

o k

Our secondary is garbage!! We are letting anyone and everybody go past them for tds!! NEW COACH PLEASE!!!


I been a fan for 6 years and this is bad and hopefully we win to get back in it

julius jones

Fire Dan Quinn if you want to win

Jimmy Wright

I have us losing this game in double OT, worst of the worst! That way if we win I’m not pissed! I just was proved wrong! I think we go 3-7 rest of the season!

Trill Savage

“Dabo swinney” anyway 🤷‍♂️ one hell of a coach

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