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The Die Hards | Seahawks Stories

During the 1980's Jacob Green, Jeff Bryant and Joe Nash were staples of the Seahawks defensive line. Rarely missing a snap the "3 Js" became known as the "Die Hards" and remain in the record books as one of Seattle's greatest defensive lines. We got the 3 Js back together as the second installment of Seahawks Stories.

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Kenton Olson – Executive Producer
Jackie Montgomery – Producer
Brian Pan – Director
Jason Reid – Associate Producer
Chris Shreve – Editor
Dominic Campese – Camera operator
Isaiah Cromer – Camera operator
Austin Yuen – Camera operator

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YaBoyzABeast SoDon’tTryMe Reply

🔥🔥🔥🔥. Love Seahawks. Let’s get Lockett more involved. Russell to Lockett. Yes sir

dgalv 7 Reply

Go hawks 🙂

Matt Thomas Reply

It’s amazing none of the 80’s won a Superbowl

John Hooker Reply

As a military guy and longtime Seattle resident,i really enjoyed Ground Chuck and the Seahawks.

John Hooker Reply

Bring the throwbacks back,Joe Nash,Jeff Bryant,Green,Largent,Easley

M A Reply

Brilliant, brilliant video. Thank you for this incredible insight into Seahawks history. Joe, Jeff and Jacob seem like awesome guys too. Go Hawks !

Seisman 75 Reply

Saw all three play. Great Years.

subtlesquire Reply

I loved watching these three guys dominate the line of scrimmage in the Kingdom.

alex saenz Reply

Omg!, Jeff Bryant absolutely leveled Sweetness. I knew who J
Green was but i didnt know the other 2. The 1st great Hawks defense. Too bad u cant find any highlights on these guys besides Green.

alex saenz Reply

Jesus, they eventually had Kennedy as well. I thought the 2013 Hawks had the best DL ever… but now i know that all we had was depth more so than talen. Kennedy, Nash, Green and Bryant is the best 4 man DL in Hawks history. We might have something now with Clowney, Reed, Ford and Ansah depending if he stays.

Alek Torrez Reply

By far top 5 defensive lines of all time I’ll put these 3 guys up against anyone

Seung Yang Reply

Fantastic video to celebrate our legends and helps fans like me appreciate our history. Thank you! GO HAWKS!

Todd Breda Reply

These are fantastic! Great, great players that deserved a ring.

Jeremy Davis Reply

As someone born in 1991 it’s really cool to learn about the Seahawks that played before I was born, I’m a diehard now and it’s great to know about the guys that started it for us! Great series!

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