“The crowd was amazing” | Dawson Knox Joins One Bills Live – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“The crowd was amazing” | Dawson Knox Joins One Bills Live

Bills TE Dawson Knox joined One Bills Live on September 23, 2019 where he discussed his first NFL touchdown, his 49-yard catch and run and his impression of the fans at New Era Field.

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xebache777 Reply

Looked a little like Czonka there.

Robert Cooney Reply

Welcome to the Bills !!

Ike James Reply

He destroyed #36 twice. Looks like we got baby Gronk! Reminded me of a jeremey shockey run a few yrs back! 2 TE sets may be a mixmatch going foward with sweeny and eifert especially in the red zone.

Ike James Reply

Yoooooo… The slow mo close up view looks like a megdalon shark coming out of the ocean to devour a seal! Lololololololololol wooooow…..

Ike James Reply

Our scouts are finding premier talent from everywhere a ball is thrown!

James Jacobsen Reply

stay humble,

Donald Dunston Reply

One of the most underated players on this team. Good hands, good route runner, great blocker. All around good TE. Can’t wait to see this guy show out the rest of the season. Good job DK. Keep it going. LETS GO BUFFALO SOLDIERS!!!!!! BILLS MAFIA FOR LIFE!!!!!!!

iamrichrocker Reply

hey #20..that was a Fort Knox that rolled you over..

J Laramie Reply

Looked like the truck stick in madden 😂😂😂

bills robbie Reply

Let’s go bills

Bill Perez Reply

Love the way you plat this game man……love the way all of you guys have been playing the game…….get some rest, have a good practice this coming week……and next week end beat the heck out of you know who…….good luck to all of you…….GO BILLS !!!!!

Robby Zimmerman Reply

So not a Pat’s fan but . That run remind me of gronk. That kid is going to be great

Nick Lepsch Reply

Coach McDermott has this team in lock step…every time there’s a question or a player gets a compliment they’re response is always that there’s room to get better and to keep working…loving the PROCESS…Go Bills

DaBeast Games Reply

This guy is a beast!

DaBeast Games Reply

I like seeing Eric Wood on this show.

    Joe Nelson Reply

    Agreed i was gonna post the same thing!!

Ali Akbar Reply

If he thinks that crowd was great wait till week 4! LETS GO

Dakota Winnie Reply

Knox looks like Eric Wood’s son lol. Them CURLS

SubzeroJo Reply

knox you da man

Durrell Carpenter Reply

I know E wood wish he was playing this year… good to see my man healthy

J Barkley Reply

Loved that devastating play by Knox. Two DBs, may they rest in peace 😂. What I love most about it though, is that now teams have to account for Knox a bit more than they had to before. Burning fast and quick receivers, solid running backs, and now a tight end that’s hard to tackle in space. The more we spread defenses out, the better. That’s especially critical in this week 4 matchup vs the Pats.

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