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When you guys lose to the 49ers don’t get frustrated with your team. Just realize you guys lost to a great up and coming team that people are sleeping on.

    Electric Entity

    @BigTone49ers Gonna be a good one 🙂


    Electric Entity on paper you guys should be a tough team. But the 49ers D has it together and the 49ers O have it together at this point. Other then your last game it hasn’t looked like you guys have had it together. But I will say once you guys do you guys will be a top 10 team. But for now, we are more ready. Bucs were ready to hang it up after we beat them but they didn’t realize they are a good team just lost to a great team. Everyone was worried how Steelers would do with Rudolph he’s actually not bad and will win some games this year but lost to a great team. In a lot of people’s minds they are seeing that they lost to a bad team but that’s not the case. Bills lost to the patriots but it was the patriots so it’s fine just lost to a great team. But because 49ers are getting slept on people aren’t seeing it that way.

    But let’s just say this. We beat a team mildly easily that beat a team that beat you guys.


    @Scarface-DTP at this point, 49ers are nothing but potential. they haven’t beaten anyone yet…youre falling into the same fallacy as the ravens did last week, believing y’all have arrived after good showings against the dreggs of the league. SF lost 2 games to the lowly cards last year…remember who that HC was?


    @Scarface-DTP you missed the point. Wilks knows shanny and his system. Browns D will be prepared. Jimmy has about 2.5 seconds before Myles is in his lap, wish the rookie 6th round LT luck blocking him.

Griff __14988941

Great preview of the undefeated 49ers @ their house.

Browns clearly only need to concern themselves w/ weather & jet lag apparently.

I know the win against the Ravens was huge but I hope the Browns aren’t sleeping on SF like these guys.

They might get embarrassed on national TV…


Browns fans really are delusional lol humble yo self…niners in a blowout


    @Andrew Skywalker the transitive property doesn’t apply to football…it’s a game of matchups, not geometry.

    Andrew Skywalker

    @Rhia I’m trying to say TB is NOT a bad team like you say. Solid team should be 3-1 if the kicker didn’t miss a 40 harder vs the Giants.


    @Andrew Skywalker can play that game all day. TB may be good, only thing to be sure at this point is they’re inconsistent. As have been the browns. Scroll up…this is a browns vid, I’m not rolling into niners videos proclaiming the browns superiority.

    Andrew Skywalker

    @Rhia Browns Twitter think this will be an easy win

Big Jay

Good luck on Monday to the Browns and their fans!

mick chappo

Browns 40
49ers 13

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