The Bruce Arians Show | Recap of the Week 2 Win Over Carolina, Ring of Honor & More – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The Bruce Arians Show | Recap of the Week 2 Win Over Carolina, Ring of Honor & More

Head Coach Bruce Arians joins Team Reporter Casey Phillips to discuss the week two win over the Carolina Panthers, priorities of preparation and more on this week's episode.

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RarelyEvenn Reply

Casey looks stunning.

Gabe Torres Reply

Todd speaks softly and carry’s a big stick… sounds familiar 😉

    a. corman Reply

    Except Todd knows what he is doing. Dork was absolutely clueless.

    Moroni Araújo Reply

    sunscreen tonight

    blacked mirror Reply

    Because he is black? wowwwwww

Jay Els Reply

Go Bucs!!!!!

mrblackbird1254 Reply

Need more of this

Anthony Davis Reply

Wait ✋, hold up ☝, our HC got his own show? It’s our time!

    blacked mirror Reply

    Its time to buy a red hat.

    Anthony Davis Reply

    @blacked mirror definitely buying one

    Blak Dice Reply


Lady Di Slots Reply

Great Video!!! Go BUCSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ❤❤😀😀😍😍😍😍

eric Mcneil Reply

Good Vid keep these coming

Terry Smith Reply

This is another sign that we have a real head coach. BIG BOY FOOTBALL.

Surreal Feeds Reply

Now this is the type of content i like to see

Kevin522 Reply

Bruhhhhhhh….I love this 😂

Steven Whittington Reply

We need to stop losing these roh games. It seems like we always lose them when we do one

Rawle Springer Reply

God i miss our old uniforms…

    Ipeter747 Reply

    We need the creamsicle throwback games to be back. In my opinion.

    Q Kellz Reply

    @Ipeter747 na we need em back for good

Mongo Slade Reply

The Buccs are the most disrespected team in the country, watched Good Morning Football and not one mention of our improved defense, all about what the giants need to do to win and how Barkley was gonna run all over us…. I dont think these clowns even watch the games. Does anybody else watch this show? Its pathetic…

    The Meme Boi Reply

    The Thursday night game was disrespectful, they didn’t give predictions, they just talked about how it happened, I can’t watch GMF cause they disrespect teams they don’t expect to be in the playoffs

    Mongo Slade Reply

    The Meme Boi Yes… these guys are supposed to be analyst, and they know absolutely nothing, to say that Barkley is gonna get 800 yards on the Bucs without even mentioning the improvements Todd Bowles has made is incompetent, I can no longer watch. Its the same thing every week, prop up the large market teams regardless of performance on the field. That show is a joke.

    Matthew Williams Reply

    Mongo Slade I keep reminding them about the rigging garbage refs and the RfL they work for. the (rigged football league )

    Dolls Bill Reply

    We don’t want dem bandwagon us we don’t live for the hype we come out play ball leave it on the field…buccaneers is a lifestyle

alex_de_tampa Reply

We need to sweep Carolina

Edward Kirby Reply

Great video with coach. Who would dare thumbs down this 😂

Leon Brown Reply

speak softly

Dolls Bill Reply

This is the best coach we den had since tony dungy

Nadine Whalen Reply

todd bowles defense has contained both qbs through week 2 and that is very exciting

Nadine Whalen Reply

chris godwin reminds me of jerry rice he runs great routes and he makes plays when the ball is in his hands

Nadine Whalen Reply

i apologise for not trying out for the team i had some personal problems that i needed to take care of and i am still willing to try out for the team if the team needs me

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