The Blueprint on How to Shut Down Mahomes & the Chiefs High-Powered Offense – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
TopWaver MLK

Its easy , just score more points than him.

Brian Taylor

how to shut down Mahomes – keep him off the field lol


    Anthony Medley 😂Them bums just beat the chiefs. 😂😂😂

    Anthony Medley

    By 5 points we didn’t have hill or a couple of good defensive players man come on


    I’m not even a Colts fan. 😂

Michael Murray

This video tells nothing . Just good playing calling & on ball plays by the defense

    Raymond Jiang

    That’s kinda the point…the Chiefs offense is so explosive that great defensive scheming and execution are the only ways to slow them down.

    GameBros tv

    Play calling is key to winning. nothing else matters.

    Henry Boo

    Alright lombardi…

    James R

    @GameBros tv Execution doesn’t matter? STFU.

Taylor Harrison

The theme I see is Damien Williams coming up small, give it to the future hof shady.

    D 3

    McCoy fumbled….

    Absolutely aV

    @D 3 So has the whole team in the last 2 weeks…

    Villan ThaHero

    @D 3 He carry it like a loaf of bread that’s why

Nathaniel Cousineau

“if u can steal a couple possessions”

SuperBoy Prime

Lions almost beat them as well wtf

    Kyrie Irving

    E- Clipse Bears just got exposed by the Raiders😂😳

    randy K15

    @E- Clipse the bears just lost to the raiders 🤔

    E- Clipse

    @Kyrie Irving I mean it was a close game. There defense is good I guess.

    I ate those food

    @E- Clipse Bears defense isnt half as good as New Englands


    And this was the Lions scheme on defense. Without Slay and Diggs. Might have been different with them out there in coverage.


So when raiders beat colts they say we didn’t win colts just lost and now they have the same players in and they’re a playoff team again🤦🏽‍♂️

Légeñdàry __

I knew this. I don’t know why teams didn’t play the way colts played. Can’t blitz this dude because he scrambles and waits for that long bomb.


    whyamimrpink78 Colts are missing half of their defense have a lot more serious injuries than the Chiefs… injuries aren’t an excuse for the Chiefs.


    @whyamimrpink78 Kelce is no backup.

    Brad Lamb

    Raiders did exactly this and got torched for 28 points in 1 quarter

    Raphi S

    @Daniel Horowitz Also helps when the chiefs are penalized for 125 yards. They played sloppy.

HTX 713

“How to stop that Chiefs offense/Mahomes” easy put Houston on your defense 🤣🤣 dude got his revenge

    VMohdude -

    HTX 713 And he was the last player off the field after the game haha


    Anybody know Baltimore’s Harbaugh email so I can send him this video? Mahomes has given Lamar 2 of his 3 regular season losses.

MTG !!!

Baldy u gonna get a few dc fired with this blue print😂😂😂😂😂😂


    Lol facts

J. Carson

The whole town was eerily quiet last night.. but then again, our defense gave up the run multiple times.. we got spanked

    E- Clipse

    You are the coolest chiefs fan ever.

    J. Carson

    @E- Clipse yes!

    King Mvp

    That game hurt bruh

    American Sports Fan

    J. Carson

    Our defense got tired

    Over 30 minutes on the field and holding them to 19. Kudos to our defense. Andy Reid just had a bad game playcalling on Offense

    sarah h

    Chiefs suck

Roberto Moreno

love the special effects sounds yo! pew pew pew! 😛

Nuclear Reactor

Are these people just delusional? The Patriots provided that blueprint twice last season. Run the ball, put a pass rush on Mahomes, own the time of possession, and watch as Reid pukes all over himself.

    Nuclear Reactor

    +BeastMode21 The Colts did not provide the blueprint to beating the Chiefs FIRST, though. That was the point of my comment. The Patriots already established it last season. People just hate talking about that team. Kudos to the Colts, but Brady and Belichick provided it first.

    Football Productions

    Patriots shut down mahomes for 2 quarters, that’s it , then he scored over 30 points later in the same game, second half was a highlight realm for mahomes dude, learn football

    James R

    The Patriots beat them because they have a better offense, they didn’t shut them down either time.

    Nuclear Reactor

    +Football Productions The Chiefs should get a defense. Otherwise, they will never beat the Patriots. Why don’t you learn football, moron? That so called MVP couldn’t score a single point in the first half of his own stadium. Had the Patriots didn’t shoot themselves in the foot in the first half, the score easily could have been 21-0 at halftime.

    Nuclear Reactor

    +James R This current defense would mop the floor with them. As I said before, you can’t expect coaches to catch onto new players when there’s barely any game film on them. The Patriots exposed them.

Tristan Fluhr

“O-kirk-iree” ❌
“Oka-ree-kee” ✅

    Lord Aska

    Seems Pat Mcafee wasn’t clear enough on draft day!

    Half Elite

    O-ker-e-kee. O-ker-e-kee.
    -Pat McAfee, 2019 NFL Draft

    Jeanette Campbell

    I HOLLERED when he said that. 😂

ray ray

How to beat the cheifs make sure mahomes is injured make sure his o line is beat up and his wr core is all injured, not a cheifs fan

    True Colors

    Excuses Excuses Excuses colts didnt even have Luck and you got owned in your.own home in a latenight game


    Indy had two staring safeties all pro Leonard and two receivers with a backup qb

    ray ray

    @True Colors not a cheifs fan lol says at the bottom of the sentence lol

    King Chris

    Two Natal Yods lmfao you made my day nice one

Barry Othman

Legend says that the dophins watched this for a day.

jay np black

“4 man rush , sticky man coverage” ha😂

too saucey for you bois

Chiefs win: “why Patrick mahomes will be mvp.

Chiefs lose: the blueprint on how to shut down mahomes.


    Raansu No… he didn’t throw a TD against the Lions and was outperformed by a lot by Matt Stafford.

    Joshua Soto

    @BlueOrBlew you sound stupid how did he get out performed


    @Joshua Soto Stafford had more yards. Chiefs in the first half of that game weren’t great.

    Joshua Soto

    @corwin11412 okay we’re not talking about the first half we’re talking about the game no way Matthew Stafford out played Mahomes

    mike miller

    @corwin11412 no he didnt. mahomes had a total of 369 yards by himself in that game. stafford just had more td passes which will look better in the rating.

Crimson Zephyr

Baldy with old mic: “Steal a couple possessions.”

Baldy with new mic: “TIGHT, STICKY MAN-TO-MAN!”

    Obasi Okoronkwo

dario ferreira

Patrick Mahomes star playin with Odell Beckham Jr.

“With gonna need new blueprints”

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