This week's episode of The Blitz has Dak Prescott bringing you inside the QB room with new coach Jon Kitna, a special feature on a WR who could make the team and more OTA headlines.

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46 replies on “The Blitz: The Dak Prescott-Jon Kitna Connection | Dallas Cowboys 2019”

  1. Dallas Cowboys OWN the NFC East this year. Not one bit worried about the other teams in the division. I’m more worried about the games outside the division. Cowboys go 5-1 in the East this year.

  2. Y’all remember when they had our wr core ranked 28th? Cooper, hurns, Gallup, Cobb even the UNDRAFTED guys are pretty good. Crazy Wat a year can do

  3. Thank you Bryan b finally we agree . Lewis and byron starters . Chido inside . I’ve been saying all last year chido is good but hes not at his best on that side of the field.

  4. All they need to do is defend themselves from being destroyed not letting them go all over Dak Prescott like that

  5. We need to defend ourselves from our enemies who makes us look bad make this year tough for them

  6. Lewis overrated. He better fix his turning ability when chasing or he will be five yards behind like always

  7. Michael Gallup absolutely roasted his coverage a couple times a game last season. Dak needs to figure out that timing on those deep outs and they’ll be a legit deep threat.

  8. I thought Lewis was going to be a starter last year. His first year the guy was a monster, he just had 1 bad play at the end of the year vs raiders. The dude has a dog inside him.

  9. I agree. I though they should have played him all over the field and let the dude play. He has a dog inside him and the fight is strong.

  10. Just to add I have a feeling michael jackson may beat him and Anthony brown out which I wouldn’t mind if he can ball out. The competition we have amongst the team is beautiful thing

  11. I think Witt taking a year off will help him out so much more letting his body get a year of rest I think he has a big year LETS GO COWBOYS

  12. We’ve heard this story two dozen times over the years. Won’t know who takes the division until late in the season. Any NFL team could emerge as a powerhouse in any season. Cowboys are far from being elite . They haven’t showed much since 1996.

  13. – I’m sick of the – “Superbowl or bust” – clichés.
    – So, this year it’s Superbowl or bust.

  14. This is the best roster I’ve personally ever seen for dallas I was born in 94 for reference lol team is so balanced excellent front 7 on d and we have great depth on the oline bring in some more recieving talent and play makers for dak to utilize this team is dangerous

  15. Lewis has earned his spot if you asking me. He plays with a chip on his shoulder. I will bet other teams are begging the Cowboys to let him go. M Jackson will be good, but I don’t see him beating out Lewis . He will make the team for sure though. Richard type player from what I see. It’s going to be like the beat movie you ever seen just building up the suspense up to the 53. Who goes and who stays. Nail biter for sure.

  16. @rfreeman37 sounds like you know a lot about a coordinator who hasn’t even called a game yet

  17. Tyler Main yeah your whole division’s receiving core is trash honestly lol, Eagles have the best but still theirs isn’t great. Enjoy your mediocre team dawg

  18. 1st 3 playoff games:

    Tom Brady: 61.86 comp%
    572 yds 1td 1 int record 3-0.

    With these stats his TEAM still got Wins. His 1st playoff game was against a 36yr old Rich Gannon. In his 10 career playoff games he never got a TD. Brady went 32/52 312yds 0 tds 1 rushing td(6 yds).Easy win. In Brady’s 2nd playoff game, he didn’t even finish. He got taken out with 1:59 left in the 2nd(12/18 115 yds 0tds). Bledsoe came in and scored that same drive. The defense helped them out ALOT with 4 turnovers😱. Stewart went 24-42 for 255 yds, 3 ints(top defense). Easy Work. 3rd playoff game…his defense got another 3 turnovers, the run game mustered 133 yds on the ground. Brady only went 16/27 145 yds, 1 td. The key here is Brady didn’t turn the ball over. His stats weren’t winning games.

    Russell Wilson:63.24 comp%
    524 yards 3 tds 0 ints record 3-0

    1st playoff game vs. RGIII…Wilson-15/26 187yds 1 td, 67 yds rushing. Seattle had 224 total rushing yds. They had Marshawn Lynch. They had L.O.B. Wilson didn’t win in his own
    [Game 2] 445 pass/rush 3tds. Wasn’t clutch to get the W. Great performance though. L 28-30 vs. Falcons
    [Game 3] vs. Brees. W 23-15
    9/18 103 yds 0tds😬
    Lynch even went off for 140 on 28 carries & 2 tds. Thomas & Chancellor had 25 combined tackles and 4 pass deflections. Bennett rec a fumble. Defense won that game with Wilson only competing 9 passes🚮. If it was Dak smh…

    Dak Prescott: 64.1 comp%
    794 yards 5tds 2 ints record 1-2
    [Game 1] vs. Green Bay
    Dak-24/38 302 3 tds, 1 int
    Rodg- 28/43 355 2tds, 1int. We all know we gave up a 36 yarder to seal the fate of this 1 but Dak outdueled Arod in his 1st playoff game and his performance was worthy of a W.
    [Game 2]
    Dak-22/33 226, 1td, 1 rushtd 1 int
    Rus-18/27 233, 1td, 1 rushtd
    W for Dak
    [Game 3]
    Dak-20-32 266yds, 1td
    Goff-15/28 186yds🚮 0 tds
    We all know the Rams rushing attack won the game for them and our defense lost it for us. Dak outplayed the QB in each of his 1st 3 playoff games. Period. He would be 3-0 if it weren’t for his defense meaning he could’ve possibly made it his rookie year. If you still hating after this then u just lame asf

  19. he slowed down and Stopped in routes quit a few times, Michael Gallup has a route to run and he wasn’t running all his routes correctly.

  20. @Nathaniel Bowen exactly yet he gets accused of overthrowing Gallup. If Dak is the one at fault then how was he connecting with Cooper on deep passes so easily? Im confused

  21. I love Witt and all but I think it’s stunts what could’ve been a fresher rotation of young TEs to battle it out. Not a huge issue though he may have 0 yards per catch but he’ll make the catch.

  22. @Gary you know NOTHING!
    Dak outplayed Jared Goff by a long shot. The DEFENSE gave up 274 yards rushing. Daks a QB not a DT. He’s THE MOST clutch player since ’16(big moments, big plays) all of this came together in the 2nd half of last season. During that stretch nobody was more efficient than Dak & Amari.

  23. @Gary Dak defense lost every playoff game he played in. Tell me im lying. Every performance of his was worthy of a W. Even against Rodgers bro u trippin

  24. @Lucky King he had his moments for sure, but he had plenty of moments in his career of the offense just not moving the ball at all , hopefully Kellen Moore can change our offense enough and it’s actually creative. But I just think you’re to delusional about Dak at this point

  25. Stairway to accomplish Super Bowl..step by step..noticed Dak open stance may be signaling which side the play is going..take notice..ok..check this timing..passing route ..pass released on 2 step..not 1,2,3 pass..but 1, pass..can you see that..??

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