The best of Courtland Sutton’s 2019 season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
GD ProVohkes

First and we definitely got it next year

Dakota Ostendorf


•Wade Oneyear58•


Binx Negale

#buzzlockyear #broncoscountry

    Oscar Ch

    Binx Negale niceeee

Frank OldHorn

Future looks bright with this kid at WideOut…Looking promising hopefully we found our Franchise QB in Lock and get the job done….Want this Playoff drought to end tired of watching our rivals represent the AFC West in the playoffs…

    Binx Negale

    That’s what im saying

    Darion Spencer

    Yessirr Fangio 12-4 next season

    Frank OldHorn

    Heck yea that would be awesome

    Darion Spencer

    Frank OldHorn look at the stats.. Vic is proven to turn around a losing season to a 12-4 season the next year

    Frank OldHorn

    well us Bronco Faithful sure have hope…They were playing really good in December with Lock finding his stride woulda been soo much different if he was healthy at the beginning of the season. Sutton is finding that he is a reliable option in the wide spot so yea our young broncos are starting to look like they are the future of the Franchise can’t wait for next season the future does look bright

Roderick Tuttle

It’s Crazy Because Many Dont Know I Talked To Court During The off Season I Knew He Had This In Him But Mannnn He Balled Out !!!Proud Of Him And My Team For Balling And Fighting To The End

    El Bronco



    El Bronco tf is your problem?

    El Bronco

    VTG stfu

    Woelfi 45

    @El Bronco Are you okay?

    El Bronco

    Woelfi 45 te lo sico

Oscar Ch

Iam so excited for next year !!!

Coleman Toomey

how can you not include that stiff arm vs IND?

Tua Fano

My mans should’ve made pro bowl


Better be a top 100 player

Bronco Jay Mac 3

That mo fucka is a gangsta

Darion Spencer

Rock ya-sin ain’t do nothing against Courtland in that Colts game 😂😂😂 every single target was a catch lmao

anonymous user

That’s Drew👨‍🚀 & Sutton death 😈 connection 🐐

Unknown Peace

Court was ridiculous this year and I’m angry he was disrespected



Darville Leonard

Sutton#14 is the BIG DOG

King Myers

Just imagine if we surround more good pieces around him next year we coming next year

The Original Dizzy-D Michael Lavimodiere

Thomas Leaves & Sutton His Replacement Steps Right In & We Haven’t Missed A Beat…. & Then Sanders Gets Traded & He Steps Up Like A Beast….. Only Time Will Tell How Great He Will Become…. #MileHighSouljaStyle💪

DJ Johnson

Gotta draft that SPEED illusive smaller quicker receiver to pair with Sutton. Not that Courtland cant make big plays cause I think he was 4th best in 25+ catches in NFL so can get deep. It’s just that DeSean Hamilton is not really fast per say is a inline over middle of field slot type player. I thought John Brown was the guy Elway would get last offseason. Look to draft to start a fast guy who can take top off defense in 2nd or 3rd round Johnny Elway. #gOBRoNCoS^^^

Keyon Johnson

All respect for Courtland

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