The Best Moments from Rams Win over the Panthers | Week 1 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
FaDe Slayin



Panthers posted a cartoon pic running through rams on instagram just a few days before the game….

I find it funny how teams want to beat us so bad like the saints they clown on us before the game……

Kamara had a ski mask on in a interview with ingram!
And micheal thomas had a skimask on before a eagles game…..then took out that phone! When he made a td on the rams.

Then they say they got robbed……
In the playoffs with a No call📞
I find this whole thing funny….

Why did they not run the clock out??? With under 2min??

I do not care if we never win a game again we must beat the saints or we will be a laughing stock……



Brandon R

Go RAMS!!!

Brandon R

Whoever made this video is badass 😉

jonathan aguilar

Whose house!?

Sd Athen

Saints just another team in the way of the goal.

Denzel Batts

Letssssss gooooooo

Fated SMB

I have the whole ram Team on my fantasy football team

my pp itches

We almost lost because if Goff he need to learn that he can’t keep passing it to woods and cooks and needs to stop overthrowing the ball I remember there was a moment in the game vs the panthers and it was 3rd down and he threw it to woods even tho woods was covered by 3 people when he left Kupp and gurley open if he three to kupp it would’ve been an easy touchdown but he jus doesn’t think


SB 54 Champs!!!!!

All Nu Pick your battle

Who’s house”…..Hawaii!!!

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