The Best Mic’d Up Moments from the 2022 Minnesota Vikings NFL Regular Season So Far – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The Best Mic’d Up Moments from the 2022 Minnesota Vikings NFL Regular Season So Far

Watch and listen back to some of the top mic'd up moments from the 2022 regular season through the first six weeks.

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Rather Dashing

JJ saying, “I’m hot” over and over… he knew what he was about to do. Lol


    He did takeover, but he’s saying he’s mic’ed up so no one says vulgar things around him lol. #SKOL

    Rather Dashing

    @Lands I’m going to pretend like you didn’t say anything and live in my own fantasy world lol

    Rather Dashing

    @Lands also, SKOL!

    Ken Scaletta

    “Hot” means mic’ed up, so he’s warning them about F-bombs.

Skyler Mummert


Florence Dahl

Skol Vikings keep it up the good work

Nikki Covington

That was a penalty on the Ihmir Smith Marsette that was a former Minnesota Vikings and blocking and throwing Cameron Dantzler down that was a penalty on him.

This how it happened the Bears were in the middle of the field and throws it to the Minnesota Vikings former Wide Receivers ISM that is Ihmir Smith Marsette and he gets the first down but he stays on the field and try to run the clock but he just stay on his feet and didn’t get down until Cameron Dantzler comes right behind him and takes the ball away and runs and almost was wide open to run down for a touchdown and ISM and he was not expecting it at all he should have hold on to it but no that didn’t happen and Cameron Dantzler just took the ball and slide down and ISM get a revenge from his former team for two times that he got a penalty for what he did with blocking to Cameron Dantzler and Cameron Dantzler comes back for a revenge for what ISM did to him and he just takes the ball out of ISM hands and ISM deserve that revenge.

Cameron Dantzler had a good winning game with 8 tackles and stripe ball take away and it was a lost fumble for a winning game for a huge turnover. The Bears deserve to lose that game because they were very mean. That ISM fault for not holding it and that is why Cameron Dantzler got to take it away and ISM was not looking at all because it happened right behind him. Cameron Dantzler just stole it from him that was the former player Ihmir Smith Marsette.

It was awesome and best Mic’d Up against Packers, Lions, Saints and Bears and it was awesome reactions from Kirk Cousins with Cameron Dantzler with a big win turnover strip up take away and Adam Theieln was so funny need his helmet clean up inside and use Dalvin Cook towel and Dalvin Cook just wipe it off but it was inside his helmet not outside and he said hold on hold on.

Gabriel Franco

Who else is happy the packers lost to the jets 😂 give a like if you hate Green Bay. Skol !!!!!!

TriVyte Official


Jason Mortvedt

Skol skol skol and jj is the goat

Mark Soreco

They need someone who can trash talk like John Randle 🙂

Hayden Fisher

Man I love this team.


Kendricks with the @jomboy at the end. SKOL!

pat derose

cant wait for 2022 top 100 for kirk z and jj

Bobby Baschet

This was great! VIKINGS SKOL!

Michael Dahmen

*4:15 = “is that candy!?!” ~ 😈.. .

Candy🍬 🏈🍬🏈 Rules !!!

~ 🙌⛩️🕉️☯️⚛️⛩️🙌 ~

M MohA

SkoL Skol Skol Skol Skol we finally can finish games instead of losing by petty point 😊feels great Skol Skol Skol


Y’all got a great looking team this year. My team doesn’t exist anymore so I like to watch Kirk play. Watched him since his start. I was at the ” you like that!” game. The guy has been through some stuff and is really playing more confident this year it seems. I’ll be betting on you.


Anyone else get anxious whenever JJ does that spring up from laying down/stretching? Don’t need a sprained ankle!

The OnlyRice

we need one from kris boyd!

Sacred Weirdos



“little bit of BAH BAH”

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