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Man I don’t care what nobody say…Tony colder than Zeke.


    Are u serious? He’s quicker and smaller Zeke is a game changer and power house stop the bs one year where the OLine get bullied and Zeke got paid and y’all hatin it’s sad he still had 1300 yards and 9 TDS and they didn’t use him like they were suppose to learn football before u talk it dumbazz


    Romeo Smith dumb mafuka lol


    Blakmelle that’s bout it he’s a scat back Zeke is a bull dozer of course Pollard more elusive lol

    Robert Nunez

    i dont know guy,hate the shanahans but love their zone run offense,its not like before when you could jst line up and run the ball.


    @Ausie Thompson
    As in “you are”. Did you pass elementary school?

J Hines

I hope he can keep Ezekiel Elliot at the top of his game because he coached demarco Murray and he fell off. I miss coach Gary brown☹️


    No, he isn’t. And if you actually watch the games, he lost all his burst.


    NormanRockswell OLine got bullied all year don’t just blame Zeke cuz he got paid y’all funny


    NormanRockswell he had 1300 yards 9 tds wat more do u want? They ain’t use him properly and OLine got manhandled alot of games u don’t kno football

    7 Reasons

    trillcity922ify thank you for being objective. Niggas don’t understand how bad our run blocking was this year.


    7 Reasons it’s jus easier to blame Zeke cuz he got paid Zeke
    Don’t call plays or block for hisself

De Von

Welcome back …

jeremy x

Welcome Coach Skip Pete
For McCarthy to view you as an upgrade over coach Gary Brown,
(Who led us in a top 3 rushing attack)
And ,after deciding to stick with Kellen and Nussmier says alot

Best wishes in improving upon improvements

You’re more experienced, especially in utilizing 2 backs and intergrating no them both in the passing game….(Todd Gurley etc)…

brian niemeyer

I think he doing two backs more, so less Zeke and more pollard no more number 1 rusher?


    brian niemeyer zeke is always going to be the number one rusher as long as he’s there

Ben Braker

WTH? Pollard is being wasted as a backup RB to Zeke.

Pollard should be a slot WR, not a backup RB.

JJ stupidly went with a franchise RB, when most teams have RBBC with lowly paid players, and only 4 of 54 SB were won by a team with a rushing champion.

Zeke should have been traded, and Pollard be used as the #1 RB in a RBBC with Chunn & Weber. Then Pollard becomes a slot WR in 2020 and the Cowbosy draft another RB for the RBBC.

Tony Romo and the 2016 Cowboys OL did not need a top RB. The #4 pick should have been for Jalen Ramsey, and then draft Derrick Henry in the 2nd rd.

Again. RBBC with lowly paid players is the norm in the NFL. Good RB are a dime a dozen in the draft being paid $700 k pa.

And Kellen Moore should have never been the OC. He is crap. Jim Caldwell & Todd Haley were available to be the 2019 Cowboys OC … but JJ chose the crap QB coach from 2018.

So JJ screwed up by not trading Zeke … and then screwed up again by making Kellen the OC and not a qualified veteran.


    Agreed, Pollard should be used more as a slot receiver


    Zeke best in the league STFU

    Ben Braker

    @trillcity922ify lol. And has won how many SB?

    50 of 54 SB have been won by teams with NO best in the league RB.

    How would Derrick Henry do behind the Cowboys OL … or Barkley, or Kamara or Bell etc? GTFO dumbass.

    Cowboys should have drafted Derrick Henry in 2016 for $700 k pa … not Zeke on a $32 m contract.

    Derrick Heanry would have easily put up 1400 plus yds behind the great 2016 Cowboys OL.

    900 JAMMA

    Ben Braker bro stfu you sound stupid asf romo time was up and Murray wanted to much money that’s y they draft zeke

    Ilasa Stinson


Shane B.

I’ll miss Gary Brown 😞.

Shane B.

They need to get Tony Pollard involved on offense way more. Last year, there were games where he barely played and it was frustrating seeing how good he looked.


Zeke is a power back Pollard is a scat back he is more elusive then Zeke that’s bout it Zeke is a game changer y’all gotta put respect on Zeke name y’all trippin in these comments


    trillcity922ify that’s what makes them both dangerous. If you only put zeke in the game they have time and practice to prepare for zeke. When you don’t solely rely on one RB it’s harder for defenses to prepare for them considering zeke is just a tank and pollard is a cheetah.


    spicyBoi i agree just don’t agree with people puttin Pollard over Zeke u don’t
    Have to down one u can like both they both are good but Zeke is gonna be a great if he stays healthy throughout his career


    What games did Zeke change last season?

Pinky P



    Pinky P That’s why he makes it hard to hit him. Speed kills

Andrew Roberts

I think coach Brown was a highlight from last year and he will be missed. I hope he finds another job in the NFL.

Squest s

So wait McCarthy and Pete coached together when they were young or McCarthy was coach and Pete was a player.


Talk to Kellen Moore about putting Zeke and Tony in the backfield together, apparently he wasn’t too keen on the idea last season.

King Robinson

He worked with us before , the barber era

Robert Nunez

kellen moore??Jerry thinks he’s gonna be what garrett couldnt be,jst let Mccarthy call the plays,or a black coach or jst somebody tht understands black QBs.not kellen moore,hear we go agian,like rebuilding an engine and not changing piston rings.

Ms. Felony Strutter


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