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Jim DeFazio

I just want to watch a winning team.

MaybeNextYear MB

Can we chill with the hype videos until we actually accomplish something?

Snap Malloy

These type of videos are becoming embarrassingly meaningless

Triplicity Official

I know a lot of fans will be upset and lose faith after game 1 but this could be good. We finally get to see how this team will act with a target on their back

    Edward Gaines

    Ya gotta blame Freddie for not playing his starters enough during preseason. He didn’t lay the foundation for any discipline.

    John Smith

    @Edward Gaines I actually completely agree with you on this statement. Freddie and the staff didn’t do a good enough job to be prepare for the regular season. Discipline is exactly what these players and coaches need. The talent is there, all they need to do is work harder and realize they haven’t won anything yet but can.

    Mike Roagression

    Edward Gaines Dorsey should have picked a legit head coach with resume. A second year starter and a rookie coach who never called plays before is astounding to me

Swaggy Jones

I see why he had such an awful game week 1.
Bakers too busy making commercials.

    Edward Gaines

    Yeah, Hulu and whatnot. The hype throws you off your grind.

Recondite Red

On a fan appreciation weekend, where a statue to one of the greatest football players ever in Otto Graham was unveiled, Baker Mayfield held onto the ball WAY too long, threw 3 interceptions, and rewarded the fans’ loyalty with a 30 POINT LOSS!!!! ENOUGH OF THE TALKING AND ENOUGH OF THE HYPE VIDEOS!!!!!! WIN SOME GODDAMN FOOTBALL GAMES ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Edward Gaines

    Dude chill. It’s just game 1. The Saints last year lost their first game too.

    Please8trophies Yep

    Yeah I agree. The marketing team should stop creating content and interacting with fans. Instead, they should play football.

Collin Nemeth

If some fans have given up on Baker you’re not true fans. Dude threw 3 picks trying to make plays when the o-line collapses. He had a great game for 3 quarters

    James Hockwalt


    Collin Nemeth

    Mike Roagression you should be an nfl coach with your knowledge, can’t judge a qb after 4 games after he had a very good rookie year


    @Mike Roagression obviously you haven’t watched Baker play when he’s in his element. Outside the pocket he tears a secondary apart. When the running game is working his PA is on point, and he is one of the most accurate passers in the league. What happened on Sunday was terrible playcalling that kept Baker in the pocket, Chubb under 20 carries, and a PA FROM THE END ZONE, so you’re saying a lot of things that would only be true if this was the only game you watched Mayfield play (and it probably was).

    Gordon Graham

    @TheWilder30 Guy…what are you doing on the Browns page. You won…move on

Edward Gaines

The people flipping out over that loss are the same morons who think we’re going to the Super Bowl. You’re all so thirsty for a win that you neglect reality. Let this be their motivator to actually *PRACTICE.*

    John Smith

    Well you must be Jesus himself. Mister I get everything right and I’m better than everybody. Good for you, good for you!

    Edward Gaines

    @John Smith I thought John Smith was the Mormon Jesus?

    John Smith

    @Edward Gaines That’s Joseph Smith. LOL



Not A RealPresident

Hey , The offensive line needs to look in the playbook & find out WHAT BLOCKING MEANS❓WHAT DISCIPLINE MEANS .➡( 18 Freaking Penalties ) REALLY❓That hadn’t happened since 1950😵 . Only The Browns can do this❗Keep screwing around & they’ll go 0 – 16 AGAIN❗☝

Saad Shakeel

Where are the 3 INTs?


Baker hasn’t done much , but thinks he’s a celebrity already. It ain’t gonna end well.
Browns kept the Buffoon, Freddie Kitchens, instead of Gregg Williams, as Head Coach.

Cody Chismark



cut that short didnt ya.


pathetic 41 second video.. is this really the cleveland browns actual page?


I want to see the video of him getting picked off and sacked for a safety, and everything else that really happened. Give us something to look back on when this turns around.

Brian S

Baker looked like just another shift employee at The Factory of Sadness, est. 1999

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