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Sean Calhoun Reply

Stop blaming Baker. Once the coaches realize that our O Line is not good enough to wait for deep routes to develop every play, we will be fine. Baker is damn near perfect when he gets the ball out fast, we need to develop and wait until the offseason or a trade because Kitchens Offensive gameplan will not work until our O Line improves.

    Sean Calhoun Reply

    Idropbrownbombz No we are missing Kevin. One of the best in the game. And it’s everywhere from talk shows to fans booing at games.

    DCUPtoejuice Reply

    Kitchens is showing a failure to adapt both pregame and during the game to reality. I want to slap his fat face so damn hard.

    tywan harrison Reply

    Baker has the 6th most time in the pocket in the NFL with 3.07 seconds heard it on undisputed. Sorry not sorry he need to let the ball go since he’s so much like farve

    Jr C Reply

    Tell em’ AGAIN PLEASE!!

    Sean Calhoun Reply

    tywan harrison Bro, I understand where you’re coming from. A QB is an extension of the coach on the field. Watch the games, see how many times Kitchens runs a play where BOTH Jarvis and OBJ are given deep routes. Kitchens barely runs 2 TE sets. Baker has always had a tendency to hold the football, he’s a young QB, he’s not perfect. Kitchens cannot enable that by giving deep pass plays every down where Baker must hold on to it. He literally only looks for OBJ because even Baker knows OBJ has the fastest chance of getting open. Ask yourself, why does RPO work so well? Why was Baker 9/10 on plays that didn’t require him to hold the ball. If they want to run a deep play offense they need an OLINE to support it.

Jon Priestly Reply

More Seals-Jones pls

Terry Francona Reply

A legend before he’s done anything legendary 🤔. Social media is ruining nfl football

DCUPtoejuice Reply

Hey Freddie and Baker. Time to put up in Baltimore or this team is not playing for you anymore with the baloney that is going on. It is good to see Freddie getting creative again with play calling, that is where he can add value, so let’s relax about the draw play and sloppy goal line plays. What is unacceptable is that OBJ was given a 12 yard cushion all game and not a single quick pass was thrown to him to force the defense to play him. How are you supposed to get open downfield when three defenders are having a picnic 20 yards off the line of scrimmage where your route is supposed to end? Wake the hell up Freddie! This game is about getting the balls into playmaker’s hands, so when they let you do that, you do it! Snap and throw until they play defense on him near the line of scrimmage. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Review That Reply

This was awesome now get us some footage of a win!

Jumpshot22 Dog Pound Nation Reply

Why do they play these videos of only his good throws..oh that why videos is so short..Baker doesn’t complete that many passing in a game

D Man Reply

Get better

Dale, No Power tools! Reply

Can’t stand in the pocket and deliver a nice throw off his back foot, always scrambling, oh well, ain’t my team.

joe Reply

Please roast Baltimore

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