The 1975 Season | LA Rams Yearbook – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The 1975 Season | LA Rams Yearbook

The 1975 Rams defense held opponents to an average of 9.6 points per game, en route to a 12-2 season resulting in a NFC Championship loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

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Noah Goat Reply


Indy Garcia Reply

And the helmet? Why the new logo? SMH

Nigel Venair Reply

Yessir go rams! Nice logo and halmet! Best team EVER

    Indy Garcia Reply

    Yes Sir 👍

    Paul Morales Reply

    That was the year I became a Rams fan! I was 10yrs old. I’ve hated the Dallas Cowboys ever sense 😂

Everett Trujillo Reply

just love those uniforms!!

    Indy Garcia Reply

    Yes I do best uniform in the business

    Roro Besbes Reply

    @Indy Garcia yess sirr

Henry Ford Reply

Please, keep them coming !

Paul Morales Reply

Bring these uniforms back and the logo!!!! GO RAMS!!! Bill Simpson’s son became a professional surfer.

Joey Binks Reply

Love these throwback vids! Keep it up!

Aldo Reply

Tell me that those uniforms weren’t perfect and the wide horns on the helmet!

Michael Armenta Sr. Reply

What a Defense!! What an Offense!! That season truly was a team effort. Just seeing these guys and hearing their names brings back childhood memories for this life long Rams fan from ELA.. These men were my heroes, and what a season it was. My family and I attended the Steelers game and the Cards game.The playoff loss to Dallas instilled in me a disdain for the Cowboys that remains to this day.

Aldo Reply

Wait was that Dr. Jerry Buss at 20:35

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