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Go Bears


Chase is way more composed in the pocket than Mitch

    Joey Arce

    Chase had a pocket to be composed in

    Star Ted Withamouse

    He is one second more patient than Mitch, but this has also been the O-Line’s best game this season. I would imagine Mitch would have had a decent game had he been playing. Good tape for him to learn from at least.


    Better protection and no Kyle long.


First time seeing the offense ran competently without chaos this season.


    Electric amen

    PHILosophy 1990

    The Oline played the best they have played all season.

SouthSide Chicago

Leaving for London Thursday, we are going to smash the Raiders and mark my words, Mack is going to go nuts.

Jadon Mathew


John Froelich

Mitch doesnt use the pump-fake…


    Check the last drive last season vs. PHI. He knows about it, but somehow doesn’t want to use it.

King Ausinator

Everyone like this cuz y not

Chairman Meow

Wims had a good game. Seems like he was playing every snap too.


    I think something around 30%

    Chairman Meow

    @NWhite No way. He was out there more than AR2.

    Tom Grubbe

    Wasn’t he subbing for Gabriel?

    E36_318ti BEAMERBOY

    Tom Grubbe yes he was


Title should read: ” Chase moves the chains unless Nagy goes with conservative crap again.”

I totally get going that route if it’s a damn blowout. But up by 10 against the Vikings should not justify going soft and only relying on defense. Our defense is downright nasty, but they are still humans. All humans wear out.
Don’t get me wrong. I love the wins. But, we can win the Superbowl this year. Our potential is as high as any team. But Nagy needs to stop going soft too early, with small leads, vs good teams.


    Nagy went soft in order to protect Chase. With a 16 pt lead there was no reason to run the risk of a turn over by having Chase to more than what he should.

    Nb B182

    You haven’t got a clue what you’re on about, this isn’t Madden. Vikings have a good defense.


Mitch sucks. We need a new QB ASAP.

    tejash patel



    @tejash patel If the Bears had $150-200 million, he might do it.

tejash patel

Bears offense is pathetic, coming from a bears fan.

    Kyle F

    tejash patel offenses take time, early in the season…

tejash patel

Bears should go after Andrew Luck

tejash patel

Andrew Luck is the answer for the bears quarterback, pay him 400 million

    -Slurmdaddy -

    A year

    David Hiram Montemayor Ochoa

    If you donate the money, Bears will be eager to offer him a contract.

    tejash patel

    David Hiram Montemayor Ochoa, I didn’t know bears were that freaking broke

    David Hiram Montemayor Ochoa

    I don’t know their financial status, but I know that is so easy to talk about other people money.

Bakari Finley

Chase cant carry the Bears more then 1 to 2 games after that he chokes up.

    Kyle F

    Bakari Finley that’s superstition. Guy just has bad games every once in a while too

    Nb B182

    That’s why he’s a backup, unfortunately Bears have two backups as QBs.

deEZ NutZ

Good offense we just need to finish it with touchdowns

Elton J Casarez



The thing with Chase vs Mitch is, Chase is far more efficient in the offense. He knows exactly what the recievers are doing and exactly how much time he needs to make the pass. And that’s mostly on experience. That inner clock.

    Tom Anderson

    Problem is Daniel can’t.ake plays like Trubisky can. Let’s not forget Trubisky just came off a game where he threw 3 TD’s in a half. The week before Trubisky pulled off a improbable come from behind win. Daniel would never have pulled off either of those, especially the come back win.


    Chase rallied and forced OT against the Giants in his last start in Jersey

Fatal Kaliber

On the first play, Chase missed an easy touchdown to Burton who had two steps on his man in the middle of the field at the 10-yard line. Meanwhile, Wims was able to get the safety out of position (thanks to the pump fake) and was also open at the 10-yard line. Either Chase doesn’t see the field as well as people think, or maybe Robinson was his first read and happened to be open. He had time to hit any of those three targets but his feet suggest he was going to Robinson the whole time, even staring him down. Great scheme though. Hopefully Chase and company get a W in London.


    2. play left side Wims wide open

dj Curiosity

Practice make permanent…


Any word on how long Mitch will be out?

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