We look back at some of the best moments from Rob Gronkowski's nine year career with the Patriots as he enters retirement.

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64 replies on “Thank you, Gronk”

  1. Thank you Gronk for all of your hard work helping us win super bowls we love you #Gronk

  2. As much as I dislike the patriots I have to give him all the respect and he is if not the best tight end I’ve ever seen

  3. He went out the same way he came in: completely uncoverable. Thanks, Gronk. Miss you already.

  4. Started with the Patriots. Ended with the Patriots. Going out as a Hero of the Field and a Legend of the Game. Congratulations and Good Luck Rob!!

  5. From a 30 year bronco fan, thank you Rob for your dedication and love for the game it has been a joy to watch you play..

  6. Bears fan but pleasure watching you play. And glad your going out on top and your health to enjoy your wealth.

  7. My life can sometimes lack constants but Gronk you were always one of them. Your life on and off the field is admirable. You are the greatest TE to ever live. Pats nation will miss you.
    Thanks for the memory’s, the moments, and the wins.

  8. At first I thought that was stupid. But I can’t imagine anyone else with Gronk. Agreed 100%!

  9. Thanks Gronk! You must be the only player that every time you made a catch, I stood up and cheered! “GROOOOOOONK!!!!!!!”
    Enjoy retirement, thanks for the memories.

  10. Thank you for everything Gronk. Wishing you 69 years of nonstop partying in your retirement ! #YoSoyFiesta

  11. Dang I’m gonna miss Gronk😭…not gonna feel right without seeing him mow down the opposition and smashing his way into the end zone! Gonna take some getting used to.

  12. Dude, you could have turned this into a 3 hour documentary and i would have watched it all, thanks for the vid my man, KUDOS GRONK, GONNA MISS YOU BROTHER!!

  13. In 2010 the patriots signed Gronk little did they know he would go on to win 3 Superbowls and become one of the greatest tightends of all time

  14. Legend has it, Nick used his magical powers to force the ball wide left. Or the wind blew it left, or maybe it was Cody Parky’s incredible accuracy…………..

  15. Ryan you r absolutely correct, thanks for that reminder,i’m proud of him and he’s going out on top of game. I was kind-a hoping he would relapse and change his mind, I know that’s selfish with all his body has gone through, it’s kind of like that family member that you never want to leave when illness is saying it’s time for them to go & you just want to hold on. My husband told me to let go, He’s a born and raised falcon fan, he can’t be trusted🤣 J/K Thanks for being the sane one in our Patriot family! 👌❤ GO PATS GREATEST TEAM ON THIS PLANET!

  16. @David Kolb Bears fan who loves Gronk here as well… you try kicking an egg shaped ball so accurately you hit a post 4 times in a single game and then hit a post twice in the same kick!

    Parkey is the GOAT.

  17. So now he can come back to where he was born, Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo, NY for more visits!

  18. He didn’t have the longevity of some Tight Ends like Tony Gonzalez but he was the most dominant in his era, an unstoppable force. Hall of Fame for sure.

  19. @Soda King i think they might have had an idea. They traded up to get him because they knew he was a unique talent

  20. Why did he retire? He still looks like he has a few more years in him. I don’t follow football, so don’t know the reason he retired.

  21. @Putu Snyder His stats dropped off and they were only playing him half a year due to his many injuries

  22. C-WaX By far the best ever. If you want to argue that the ”greatest” argument has longevity attached to it, then Tony G might have an argument, but he wasn’t better than Gronk, either as a receiver or blocker.

  23. It sucks to be in your life if that’s the best tight end you seen in your

  24. Im not letting up how much i hate yall… i hate the drive. And the fumble…. nothing personal but kinda

  25. @Its me Yoda you hate the drive & we love that you hate because YOU all ready know the hate we’re all ready use to 5 rings ago and the on going hate put us across the goal line again..Ring #6. So please Yoda stay consistent & follow through this year and you will once again aid us in getting #7…nothing personal but kinda❤ Everything We Got!! GO PATS

  26. Thanks Gronk for the many good moments with you and the Pats,from Austria!!! i love your playing!!

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