Thank You, D.J. Fluker

Take a look back at 's best from his career as a member of the Seattle .

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Jacob Stow

I’m gonna miss him

    Anony Moose

    Why? What’d he bring to Seattle, in his 24 games, that’s going to be missed?

    Jacob Stow

    Anony Moose he was a really good player, do you not watch football?

    Anony Moose

    @Jacob Stow, apparently more than you. He paled 24 games and was completely average.

    Jacob Stow

    Anony Moose average counts as a good offensive line in Seattle

    Chris Fudge

    @Anony Moose obviously you do t watch Seahawks he was one of there better lineman

Unip Sea

You’ll be missed💚💙💚💙💚💙

Matthew Pettit

Sad to see him go!!!

addison sheble

We love you and will miss you fluke, go hawks!

Oscar Raya

This one gonna hurt for a while…

    Anony Moose


    Oscar Raya

    Anony Moose cause I’ve watch dj fluker for long time now lol and I learned some of his technique


The hawks won’t be the same without him!! ☹️

    Anony Moose

    I know. They’ll be better.


    Way better

Odin Fernández Gómez

Noooo, D.J. Fluker 😭😭😭

Rohit Kulkarni

Going to miss you bruh 🙁

Zakariye Mohamud

Brb I love seeing you throwing down Aaron Donald to ground. Gonna miss u out there 😭😭😭 Go Hawk’s 💚💙💚💙💚

Pickle Nik

Big man gonna leave a big hole in the team

    HSK x Fishy

    We Did Get Damien Lewis But Yeah I Agree


Damn, I’m gonna miss that infectious smile and attitude. You will be missed DJ. Thanks for giving us 12’s your all

The Myth

the one dislike is germain ifedi

Memes_For_Sale YT

I’m gonna miss him so much

Sha C Glorious Gems 2

I can recall when I met him in person at my home , wishing him the best .. Representing Alabama

    Ashley S.

    He’s a great guy. Another Bama player that was on Hawks. Roll Tide always!

    Bull Durham

    You are confusing him with Bobby Wagner, who went to your home on behalf of Beacon Plumbing to unplug your toilet, after you dumped a huge one. 🤪

James Glenn

😥 I love that guy. I’m going to miss him so much.

nikos Kodochris

I’m so sad that we released him. I really loved him. Wish him the best

    Βασίλης Ρόιδος

    ΑΕΚαρα και Seahawks for life!!!!

    nikos Kodochris

    @Βασίλης Ρόιδος Παίζει να μαστε οι μόνοι μπρο. Αν είσαι και blazers στο nba με τρέλανες


A wise man once said”I hAvE cRiPplInG dEprEsSiOn.” Gonna miss you DJ

kriston mcdonough

This sucks Seattle please bring him back

Creeper 7512

God bless you you will be missed my friend you the best my guy never give up and follow your dreams❤💙😍

Boston Williams

Welcome to Baltimore💜🖤💪🏽now let’s get these wins💪🏽💜

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