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*Who else is stoked to have football back!!!*

    Angel Rodriguez


    CEE Smith

    What a shitty user name


    @CEE Smith why do you people politicize everything? Your comment makes you look like a moron in front of everyone who reads this.



    Owen Raefield

    @That dude Joe who’s your team?

Lavar Ball

Kumerow is going to be something special this year

    Jacob Gomez

    Ch33zyBreadTrellie not a lot of the packers starters started in the preseason so it’s hard to tell our actual defensive potential

    Nikita Khrushchev

    Rodgers and LeFleur have been giving him some praise in training camp. I think a star is gonna be born.

    Leroy Brown

    3rd WR to begin the season. I think he starts at some point. He’ll blow by the other WR’s one at a time.


    He does this every pre season. Nothing special

    Sexy fap Tributes

    Jacob Gomez yeah we did but he still had a shoulder injury and wasn’t 100 percent I just hope we actually make playoffs this year

Escocivo 30

Both Kizer and Tim Boyle did well.

    Sebastian Dart

    They did

    Trace Chmielewski

    I thought Boyle looked REALLY good. I wouldn’t be surprised if Boyle beats Kizer out for the backup role.

    Super Happy Fun Times

    Boyle’s passer rating was a 125 even. He had 40 yards and two touchdowns and only played in the third quarter. If he is ever starts in regular season and plays exactly like he has for the past 2 years in preseason, he would be the successor to Aaron Rodgers himself.


    Think Boyle showed a bit more today than Kizer, but it’s the first preseason game… You could really see the rust on some guys in game speed.

Spurs Dynasty73

Such a sloppy game then again most of these guys aren’t starters anyways.


    no duh are you an idiot this is pre season not the playoffs

    Caleb Kruebbe

    Spurs Dynasty73 a lot of amazing plays by the back ups. If back ups can assure turn overs. Back up wide receivers jump up and make the grab in tight windows and end zone on man coverage. The qb making accurate throws. Running backs breaking free. D-line powering through. And the new coaches doing great with these players, just imagine what the starters can do, this year is going to be amazing. Knowing that our backups can pull off amazing games is very reassuring

Brooks Bekkum

I know it’s the preseason and nobody is using starters, but this packers D is looking better

    JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy

    Mostly cause joe Webb can’t throw a football 😂

    WornDown Cell

    @Kyle Theune you realize most of the people in the D are rookies right?

    dre d

    @WornDown Cell You also forgot the Texans have the worst offensive line in the NFL.

Grant Guetschow

As a packer fan I have to give credit to the Texans QB for being an escape artist in these highlights. But, still glad we won and have some up and coming talent. Go Pack Go!

    Joe Cool Berry

    Zayerbayer THIS IS PRESEASON. These games are mostly back ups and have totally different results. The Bears have the best defense and will win the division again. I’m a Seahawk fan btw


    Are u more excited to see what Aaron Rodgers does? Or defense??


    I love pack


    gO pAcK gO (7-9)

Damon Brown

Yo Joe web was pulling off some crazy stunts this game though. Too bad for those penalties.


    wouldn’t have pulled them off without the penalties


    Webb was a small school qb drafted by minnesota Zimmer wouldnt give him a real shot bc of his throwing motion. Glad to see hes still getting a chance to sling it.

    Joe Hamacher

    He’s been around. He was on the Panthers 2 years ago then he went to the Bill’s. Lind of a journey man but I think the Panthers should of kept him around that season.


    @Michael Simmons he can’t throw nor can he read presnap defense. If he worked those two things out he’d be in a much better position.

    Callsign ZuluIndiaFour

    Well not too impressive considering he was playing against 3rd and 4th string defensive players.

donnita winters

Kevin Harlan makes every game better 😂


    Doug Fresh James Loften, used to be a WR for the Packers and Bills.

    Nihanth Dangudubiyyam

    I agree! XD

    Abraham Rapuri

    linetsers yes his voice is iconic to basketball

That Kid

Oh yea
Joe Webb is definitely the PERFECT backup
Glad we have him but sad we lost

    N. C.

    @Love and Peace exactly..

    Edwin Barientos

    No matter what this man aight scared to get hit …

    chris madsen

    @colin fierro nah he was cut last year. He’ ll be cut again this year

gretchen ortner

4:10 Harlan sounds like an auctioneer here lol

    Joe Cool Berry


    V fa' Vellian


    Chicken Spongebob

    I guess you haven’t heard him on CBS radio.



    Viki Paselio

    gretchen ortner i thought the same thing, I thought I was trippin


Actually impressed with the backup quarterbacks. Deshone kizer and boyle did greaymt in todays game. The recievers and defense of pack did amazing. Even know im a packers fan, have to give credit to Webb. He is like an escape artist. Well done

    chris madsen

    He is 3rd string qb. Second string was injured

    Kyle Theune

    He was mobile. Dont give too much credit. Remember. Its the Packers. We have completely forgotten how to tackle

    jose alvarez

    @Kyle Theune Word…. he made our defense look like they were on skates in almost every play. The packers defense does not have me convinced, even if it’s still only pre season.

    CEE Smith

    @jose alvarez 3 players that are potential starters on defense played in this game…. regardless tho, I understand and agree with you.


I’ll watch any sport if Kevin Harlan is getting hype in the booth

Stan ezen

I remember playing with Joe Webb as a panthers backup in Madden 18. Has that dude been bouncing around the league?

    DW4 #NationalChamp

    Last season he signed with Houston and played 3rd string QB, occasional returner, RB, and slot WR

    Stan ezen


Tee D.

We need to trade for Trent Williams ASAP I can’t do another season of Deshaun running for his life all year! I’m shocked Joe Webb survived this tbh he looked like Micheal Vick jr out there lmao 😂

    Tee D.

    Slim Hardaway I agree with you sadly but duke will help a lot this year.

    Michael Simmons

    yeah we do need our line to get better, I mean at least progressively better I don’t want him to go 10 years of running for his life😒🤘

    Justin Everett

    Dude chill. This was our 3rd streamers out their


    It’s partially Webb’s fault for not adjusting the line to obvious blitzes presnap

    Andrew Widdows

    No just no

Donald Sexton

The way the Packers were missing tackles you would think Dom Capers was still the DC.


    It’s nothing to do with Capers, and everything to do with player talent and drafting.
    Scouting department can’t evaluate defense


    They did a pretty good job to say these aren’t the starters. Wait til the season starts!


    They weren’t starters and many of them won’t even make the team. Chill.


    Just a bunch of rooks there used to running over guys like them not bell for the texans ya know u cant be mad it was our 3rd string d and th summers looks insane

Kenny W

Who remembers Joe Webb from the Packers Vikings playoff game 7 years ago?

    Eric is a wisconsin guy



    He was channeling Fran the Man Tarkenton in this game, although playing as a man among boys made it easier I’m sure

    Wild Will

    @The Locker Room def a group of homosexuals

    Maxwell George


    CapitalsFanForLife 2065

    You mean from the Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Aaron Rodgerses game?

James Pinto

D K is learning from Rodgers 🙌🏼

Johnathon Curatolo

It’s always the Packer’s 88 that decides to fumble on the kick return bro😂


    IKR.once i saw the 88 coming out..i was like😟

    Abraham Rapuri

    Isn’t that the running back, Montgomery


    Abraham Rapuri nah he plays for the jets

    Ditch 79

    JohnnyWitDaHoodie damn i thought he was still on the ravens

    Walter Diaz

    Johnathon Curatolo 😂

Luke Strednak

greenbays number 88s don’t know how to return kicks

Abbas Akbar

Kevin Harlan is the GOAT commentator.

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