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Escocivo 30 Reply

The Texans O-Line is going to get Deshaun Watson injured if this is how they are going to play.

    Polo Polo Reply

    @D 21 I have been to a few Texans games,they need a new gm who knows how to build a offensive line before Watson career is shorten.the offensive line do alot of holding in person at the games,then on tv.

    Troy Cann Reply

    Escocivo 30 injured?! They gonna get him killed…smh.

    Aero Reply

    Unethical Idealist Vikings d line is deeper than the other 2, plus I think the starters compete for the best line in of themselves. Everson, Danielle, Linval and Weatherly is coming into his own.

    Lucifer Reply

    Well hopefully 😍

Maripo Hardy Reply

We need this during the regular season please!!

    SinaSoh Reply

    Depressed Cowboy fan don’t get me wrong without the defense we don’t make the playoffs. With that being said after the Saints win, our defense took steps back. I don’t think we held an opposing team to less than 20 points in a playoff game since beating the Vikings in January of 1997. We can’t make CJ Anderson look like the 1993 version of Jerome Bettis!!!

    ti253799 Reply

    Push Pronto my case and point, thanks bro

    ti253799 Reply

    Push Pronto NFC Championship Game at least

    RockStarPreacher Reply

    Perkaholic 1800 yards isn’t easily replaceable.
    We need Zeke.

    seheadhunter50 Reply

    It happened some games last season. Ask the Shegles.

Bigg B Reply



    Johnny Bravo Reply

    Camron Ramsey there qb deserves no more then 12 million and is below average while there rb is holding out like a 🤡

    seheadhunter50 Reply

    Pre season shows which team has the depth to win no matter what

    J Rock Reply

    @Johnny Bravo didn’t they beat the chiefs last time they played?

EL1TE CaterDig Reply

Me: watches 1st play
Also me: Its gonna be a good day as a cowboy

    EL1TE CaterDig Reply

    @Jack Keesee a fun day!

    damrcus21 aka markale Reply

    i agree so happy we won #COWBOYSNATION

    Them_Eyes_Thou Reply

    Jack Keesee I’m sorry are we As DC Fans not suppose to be excited to watch our team in preseason either?

    Mr. Random Reply

    @Jack Keesee okay??

    Slim Till33 Reply

    Maleak Collins broke Lamar Miller up on the first play…them boys was shook the whole game every defence lineman put hands on every qb that played…

Cai Vue Reply

Texans looking not so good with bad o line, Watson running for his life, and Miller our season with torn ACL
8:13 Yeet

    Bridgeport B Reply

    Cai Vue Best Yeet I’ve seen in a while 😂

    Jek Lee Reply

    Damn that sux for miller.. get well bro

    Kevin May Reply

    Cai Vue makes me think that the giants O line isn’t SO bad lol

    Jek Lee Reply

    I think the worst Oline is Arizona

    Fektthis Reply

    @Jovan Flores Hope Zeke is watching. This is what happens to RB’s. Better get your money now

BassPlayah Reply

Damn not a cowboys fan but that was the real texas massacre no chainsaw needed.

    Akel Sonnier Reply

    @Armando Clark you can even type COWBOY right and you a fan of them. TRASH

    Ismael Lopez Reply

    I’m Texans fan yup I ll agree with you . I mean Texans wtf? 🤦🏻‍♂️

Death Bredon Reply

Texans fans its going to be a long long season

    BiggestCowboyfan Jay Reply

    Goodluck with antonio divs brown

    htxtexans 713 Reply

    Looking that way, but hey we still got the Astros and Rockets.

    Angelica Lozano Reply

    I keep telling my self …it’s just preseason, it’s just preseason its going to be ok lol!!!

    Gustavo Sanchez Reply

    @htxtexans 713 jumping on the Astros bandwagon I see hahaha, pathetic

pinky YT Reply

The Texans won’t be going to the playoffs anytime soon with This crappy o line

    TheBeastGodIsHere Death To All Reply

    Didnt they make it last year with a crappy o line as well , maybe with luck gone they’ll advance further

    pinky YT Reply

    last year it was luck

    john gonzales Reply

    @Willie Hardiman stop doing drugs

    Willie Hardiman Reply

    @john gonzales boy, 3 playoff caliber teams in three same division. Your team probably doesn’t compare to any of them.

    Angelica Lozano Reply

    Yea we probably won’t but we’ve been to the playoffs with forth string QB before.

Daniel Watts Reply

Even with it just being preseason, the Texans looked pathetic

    Armando Clark Reply

    @Brennan Lynch haters got a microphone rt now but fucc em we got the win

    MR GAMING 5000 Reply

    The cowboys do that when they are at home

Matthew Crump Reply

If the texans dont fix this o-line then watson will be the next andrew luck

    Sil Kobain Reply

    @Depressed Cowboy fan wentz

    unluckyspeeder ! Reply

    More like alex smith

    mark price Reply

    The O line is just like the secondary= never gets fixed.We have a decent QB, a great wide receiver Hopkins, and their talents will be squandered because they can’t build quality players around them.

    john gonzales Reply


    Lucifer Reply

    Hopefully 😍

Keith Reply

It’s only preseason, but I see depth on the Cowboys.

    Aaron Reply

    Yep everyone on that cowboys roster got significant playing time and proggessed on the field positively .

    Retro Future 84- Reply

    Keith Exactly, this is what we been building in the draft for.

    Kenneth Bryant Reply

    And that’s really why preseason matters.

    dcarl789 Reply

    Yeah the only downside of drafting and scouting so well is that come time for contracts it’s going to be hard pay all of our talent!

    seheadhunter50 Reply

    That doesn’t matter. Their defense was elite all last season.

Darius Watson Reply

Yo Dallas secondary and third strings are a whole different type of breed

    David Parkes Reply

    @Pumped 999 Linehan.* But yeah, agreed hopefully. I really don’t understand how Garrett has lasted this long.

    Roy Ayers 3%er Reply

    @Isaac Hampton kris richard had my vote for cowboys new head coach if the clapper doesnt get it done this year

    Z13 Meech Reply

    Darius Watson defensive back coach. Kris Richard going be a coach

    Ali Avi Reply

    @Z13 Meech any while were talking coaching staff. Sean Lee as LB coach

im mahi Reply

Cowboys made this look like a practice scrim wit pads on 😭

    Brandon Espinoza Reply

    guiliano the cowboys can’t win in the regular season but dak Prescott is second in the league in wins yeah you sound stupid

    guiliano Reply

    @Brandon Espinoza did Qb ever won anything and be champion. And won any championsships like Deshun With the clemsons two Trophy’s ? And Dak wants to get paid for like this this ?

YoungGOAT1610 Reply

this oline omg. And cancel preseason or shorten the games, tired of starters goin down like flys

    Xavier Tidwell Reply

    YoungGOAT1610 players need reps you can’t cancel the preseason.

    Tyler Main Reply

    No they need to expand the roster size so they don’t have to play their starters at some positions. U need preseason for reps against another team to get u prepared. Practice is great but it’s nothing like hitting another team.

    Chase Smith Reply

    Injuries are inevitable in football. And you can’t cancel preseason becuase starters would be very rusty week one. Preseason is perfect for the starters to get a few reps to be ready. And you get to know which backups to keep and which to cut

    David Adams Reply

    🤣😂 look at all the football experts on here y’all must make a lot of $🤣😂

    Tyler Main Reply

    @David Adams sure do. Wby

SpongeBob NiggaPants Reply

Let’s be honest the cowboys defense lookin scary and half aren’t even starters

    Acatchison Reply

    @G.O.A.T you see Zeke?

    TheCrownOfFusion Reply

    A black spongebob lol

    Beautiful day to die! Reply

    @Acatchison lol.. yes I’m cutting one in half… my point was this game doesn’t mean anything…35-0 or 35-28, 40% of the team you played against won’t even play this year… wait till the real season before getting too excited…

    Beta Lewi Reply


bigdz83 Reply

Defense looked unbelivable tonight. Might of had a little to do with Houston..lol

    Billy Bob Reply


    bigdz83 Reply

    ​@Billy Bob What about the word unbelievable …lol. Keep up the good work

    Billy Bob Reply

    bigdz83 no problem

    seheadhunter50 Reply

    You must be a fake fan lol
    The cowboys defense was elite last season

KennyT-757 Reply

Pass rush was nasty tonight!!Devin Smith better make this team!!Going to be a lot of good players cut!Dem boys are stacked

    Jake Mitchell Reply

    D B I know that Brown is going IR, I was just talking about what I wanted the finished WR corps to look like when he’s back. I’d still personally take Smith over Wilson thus far. Smith seems to fit Dak’s playstyle well.

    Jake Mitchell Reply

    Ninjanuttz Jelks has had some moments. I want him on the roster for sure. In my eyes, we should cut Mike White so one of the these talented bubble guys make the roster

    Jake Mitchell Reply

    Ninjanuttz I guess my worry is that if Gregory is reinstated it’ll be Taco giving up the spot. But if he keeps playing like this, they obviously won’t cut him.

    D B Reply

    @Jake Mitchell I’m a Buckeye Fan so i know Smith well. We need him esp of someone goes down.

Chris Bradley Reply

How do the Texans even still have any healthy QBs its insane how bad that o-line is. Please make a trade soon

    Rey Bat Reply

    As a cowboys fan they have lineman that they could trade you for some 2nd rounders

evan palumbo Reply

Only pre season but damn we looked on fire tonight

Mann Made Reply

Is it me or is Dak’s release faster. Kitna may be working on his release. Small sample size, but I’ve noticed a faster release.

    Its Zaxes Reply

    Soldier for Christ Zekes returning from Cabo after they announced he was given an offer, good news for the boys 💯

    TeW33zy Reply

    Everything seems good in Preseason, Dak is still Dak bruh average QB period. I don’t care what it looked like

    Jeffrey Price Reply

    If you hate Dak you should find a new team or just watch whatever game Tonys broadcasting

    duderr2 Reply

    Bro everyone is sleeping on Dak but he looks SHARP and has a fire in his eye! Place a superbowl bet on the Cowboys now!

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