Texans vs. Chiefs Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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PaulBall Prod. Reply

Finally a Texans game where I’m nervous but don’t pass out from anxiety🤣🤣

    RaShaun Peso Reply

    PaulBall Prod. Same

    Gael Gonzalez Reply


    Marcusce20 Reply

    Damn near had a heart attack when they went for it on 4th down

David Reply

The real losers today was the bears for taking Trubisky over Watson and Mahomes

    ThatOneGuy 123 Reply

    David lmao

    Lil Wayne Carter Reply

    Lmfao the bears are stupid

    too many men on the field Reply


    Kube Dog Reply

    Sideshow Bob for MVP? As good as Brady? LOL! The league has figured him out.

    plɹoM uǝʞoɹᙠ Reply


Josh Stultz Reply

No excuses this time, that’s two in a row at home.

    Ej Lightskin Reply


    LeBronNotTop10 #3-6SZN #NoFootworkSZN Reply

    It was a one score game for those two losses and Mahomes was playing with a depleted offensive line and with an ankle injury.. not to mention Andy Reid can’t manage the clock

    Packer FAN Reply

    No O-line, No D-line, and no Defense! Frank Clark Sucks! The Texans where Playing Like a High school basketball team. Playing with No Shot clock!😂 Chiefs will still be Better than the Colts and Texans though.

    COLLECTOR30 Reply

    @Phil Swift you definitely didnt watch the game, their defense was so bad mahomes barely got the back. and Texans had twice the play time lmao

    That's My Quarterback Reply

    when they overpay Mahomes later in his career, that defense is gonna get even worse.

Joe Haden #Lockdown #23 #Steelergang Reply

Watson playing like a true franchise

    Fredi Martinez Reply

    Yup 2 or 3 Interception

    Fredi Martinez Reply


    Ty Cason Reply

    He’s better than Cam Newton both healthy at there peak he’s slightly better

    Joe Haden #Lockdown #23 #Steelergang Reply

    @Fredi Martinez who won the game and whos stadium

    COLLECTOR30 Reply

    against the worst defense lol yeah wait till he plays the bears

Josue Tejada Reply

Chiefs defense is gonna cost them again. They have so many missed tackles

    Jay Stiles Reply

    The Patriots will beat them again too and Brady doesn’t have weapons like KC btw

Josue Tejada Reply

I got called for holding while watching these highlights

Josue Tejada Reply

Looks like teams have the Chiefs offense figured out

    soid drone slayer Reply

    jus keep pat mahomes on the sidelines, run the ball well and dominate time of possession. this is the same formula why they lost last week

    Killian Ryan Reply

    Josue Tejada how could you not see that coming I certainly did it always happens with someone like Mahomes

    CosmicDoesStuff Reply

    Nah, their defense is just bad 😬

    No2d3 Reply

    Yup credit to the Lions. Teams been playing the same gameplan ever since that game

PaulBall Prod. Reply

I got called for holding for watching the game

    Jesús Cristo Reply

    After further review, the call stands.

    21 Records Reply

    I got called illegal man down field just for watching the highlights

    1,000 Subs With No Videos Challenge Reply

    21 Records you realize those were the right calls, right?

    Prince Quan Reply

    Unsportsmanlike conduct for acknowledgment…. that’ll be 15 yards added to the end of play, it’ll be 1st and 25. Timer please rese…

Fingering Things Reply

In a game where Watson threw 2 INTs, Fuller and Hopkins dropped a combined 3 wide open TDs, and their kicker missed 2 FGs and a PAT, the Chiefs still got beat down. Not good at all.

Great road win by the Texans, but boy do the Chiefs suddenly look mediocre.

    Killian Ryan Reply

    Fingering Things I wouldn’t say it was a beat down but ok

Steven Nacino Reply

We talk about Mahomes and Russ as mvps but can we talk about Watson? As a hawks fan he is amazing to watch

    Random Guy Reply

    2 picks lol

    Fredi Martinez Reply

    Ik let’s talk about wastson he’s trash

0X_DaLastUchihaWolf_X0 Reply

Chiefs are overrated.

Micah Ben-Avraham Reply

I hate this Chiefs defense with a passion. No heart, no guts, no balls!

    Day Be Trippin Reply

    And they paid Clark all that money 😂😂😂

    KCC Reply

    Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez yeah but also should’ve been a fumble td from hopkins

    El Lobo Reply

    @Derek Pennington Maybe you shouldn’t have let go of JH so fast.

    El Lobo Reply

    @Derek Pennington Would you like Bill O’Brien for Andy Reid in a trade?

Christian Munch Reply

Can’t believe NFL cut off that sweet backflip by Hill.

Entice Reply

Our defense played like a highschool jv team and the O-line let everyone in.

    Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez Reply

    Excuses keep crying

    No2d3 Reply

    Your defense always plays like that though 😂

    Eric Flores Reply

    @Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez not really an excuse but keep on acting like the Texans are going to win the Superbowl.

Ohyeah Rocket Reply

The Texans drop 3TD, missed the FGs, and still won!

    IEienI Reply

    Long pass that Fuller dropped hurt me lol


    4 td actually. Watson would have had a 6 td day.

    Damian Avalos Reply

    Ohyeah Rocket lol for real man 2 from fuller and the other from Hopkins … we need a new kicker it’s frustrating him missed the extra point

Kube Dog Reply

Browns: We’re so frikkin over-hyped.
Chiefs: Hold my beer.

    21 Records Reply

    Kube Dog there u go 🤣

High Ground Smackdown Reply

There were more flags in this game than a car dealership

donnita winters Reply

Can we just give my Texans team so credit !! Especially for the o-line & offense

Packer FAN Reply

Chiefs Need to learn How to Tackle hit the Like button if you Agree!!!!

E- Clipse Reply

“Do it all Mahomes” cant stop the other team from scoring TD’s. Get a defense Chiefs.

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