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Emperor Palpatine Reply

Philip Rivers always looks so pissed

    jasona9 Reply

    I would be pissed to if I had to play behind that offensive line! Guard, Dan Feeney killed two drives. Guards Michael Schofield and Feeney both gave up sacks and pressures. Left Tackle, Sam Tevi gave up a huge sack near the end of the game when his man just ran right by him. Right Tackle, Trent Scott had a holding call that negated a play that took the team within the 10 yard line. Five total sacks given up by this group.

    Vladimir Marley Reply

    Justinn Zamora modern day dan Marino mon

    NorthernCalifornia530 Reply

    @jasona9 Rivers was drafted by the NY Giants then traded to the Chargers for Eli Manning

The Nonsensical One Reply

The Texans are content with giving their fans heart attacks on a weekly basis

    Dburtonize Reply

    Have you seen Texas barbecue?

    The heart attacks were inevitable anyway.

    Ya Boy Quinnie Reply

    The Nonsensical One they have also played two playoff teams and a division rival

    ruben27lozano Reply

    Dude yes! Lol they need to stop giving us heart attack lol

    NBMarc Reply

    The Nonsensical One then u don’t know the

ruben27lozano Reply

All I gotta say is this. Deshaun Watson my man!!!

    Aubrey Nickles Reply

    Facts go tigers

    BinxTheJinx73 Reply

    Yeah, Mayfield needs to step up his game he’s way worse than he was last season. Watson’s definitely better than him. #respect

    Robert McCall Reply

    He’s so damn elusive. Tough to get a handle and he has an arm as well. Dangerous combo.

Josh Dick Reply

Watson is top 5

Keenan Allen is the best pick in fantasy so far.

    Arham Chowdhury Reply

    Yeah Allen is carrying our whole offense on his back week in and week out. We don’t deserve him

    Affordable Sticks Reply

    Watson is too injury prone to be top 5

    Angel A Reply

    @CAPN CRUNCH U lol

    Sandwich Ham Reply

    Yup and I have him and mike Evans on my team and they both balled out.

Q Jefferson Reply

Keenan has 183 yards and two TDs and we still lose…this defense is atrocious. It’s another injury doomed season boys…we need our secondary back ASAP

    guest man Reply

    It’s not your d. Watson is a hella qb

    77Gotti Reply

    guest man hell nah the defense was out there more than the offense that says a lot about our offense without a running game, we need Gordon bcuz he’s an every down back

    Pennywise Wadford Reply

    Jack boyz are trash, always were, NE game should have let you know this. We were lucky last year. ASAP was a fad. Where is Ingram Bosa at this year? Everybody talking about that dt we drafted but ignored that he was a pass rusher in college and that is what they drafted him for. Everybody thinks we have a genius GM but we always sucked against the run but all he does is draft undersized players at every position. Where is Perryman AGAIN??? Team was over hyped and some luck. Our only win is against a career back-up on opening day and that was too close. We are in more trouble than any one thinks or refuses to recognize.

    hnic505 Reply

    would not have helped houston can spread the ball even if you neutralize d hop

Grand Wonder Reply

Texans look very gritty in the last two games! And Watson is electric!

    Jack Shenkman Reply

    Three games**, remember that the saints won only with a field goal with 0 seconds left

    Shane Douglas Reply

    They’re becoming battle-tested

    PaulBall Reply

    @Jack Shenkman its this defense and not even more like secindary, always pressing when we dont need to press, not pressing when we need to. We git lucky kelvin benjamin dropped that dart of a throw by philip rivers. This was the same story two years ago in seattle week 7 and new england week 3 remember those games. We have a history of the defense choking last 2 minutes

    Ash 543 Reply

    PaulBall I’ve been watching and it seems like the Texans tend to give too much cushion sometimes and will just casually give up like 8-15 yd passes and checkdowns. Like they’re scared to give up the deep ball even if it means letting quarterbacks carve em up and march down the field. Just something I noticed but I’ve liked the pass rush and run defense as always

    Jack Shenkman Reply

    @PaulBall yeah plus were having trouble making tackles. I didnt get to watch the chargers game because of work, but I see a few easy missed tackles

Shane Douglas Reply

Now that’s what I’m talking about baby! Deshaun Watson and the offense puts the points on board and JJ and the defense do their job and seal the game! GO TEXANS!

    Shane Douglas Reply

    @Light Yagami lol yeah ur right about that gotta make those catches

    Blackitachi Reply

    @Light Yagami Gip knocked it away. That was a clutch drive for him.

    Shane Douglas Reply

    @Blackitachi yes indeed it was

    KillaCAMTV Reply

    Hell yeah go Texans 🤘🏿🤘🏿

    Cosmic Goat15 Reply

    Boi you sound like a mom

GKid2022 Videos Reply

Chargers : wasting players careers for nearly 2 decades

    W8n4U2BMine Reply

    @Jody Collier There is NO WAY any reasonable and knowledgeable sports fan doubted LT. Lower ankle and foot injuries are extremely tough to play with. But at this point Chargers fans no longer surprise me. They turn on every player you give them a chance to. They turned on Rivers during those bad years with the o lines that were always hurt. They turned on LT, A FIRST BALLOT HALL OF FAMER. They further on Gates when he had foot issues. They are absolute fair weather fans. While anyone who has played the game knows, there are some injuries that are simply NOT a matter of “toughness”, but rather they deplete your functionality. If you’re LT or Gates, being able to plant your foot is paramount. LT have those BUMS EVERYTHING, and that was the thanks that he got. SCREW the Charger organization and their fair weather fans too. Detroit is in the same boat as an organization.

    SoleBuilt20 Reply

    W8n4U2BMine as another Bolts fan, I hella agree with you.

    Renaldy Calixte Reply

    Tomlinson, Gates, Rivers, Allen

    Now Bosa, James, Ingram, Eckeler

Sports 311 Reply

Deshaun Watson has proven that he’s a franchise QB. So elusive, agile and has a strong arm at that position

    Blackitachi Reply

    @Eric Silver The oline is improving and playing better week to week. Both sacks in this game could be fixed. On the first, Watson ran too close to the defender and Fulton can’t hold him so it’s not really much of the oline’s fault. The second sack, Watson could have dumped it to Fells. He did look right at him but I guess he didn’t realize the pressure was coming. Johnson couldn’t block the guy that ran to Howards outside so he used that as an advantage and of course the stunt collapsed the pocket too. Not a bad showing for a new oline though.

    Jared Reply


    Adeyemi Reply

    he’s the perfect mobile qb

    Renaldy Calixte Reply

    Can he win a playoff game if he’s a franchise QB? Please. Pretty please with sugar on top.

Lilmula Reply

Sometimes I tell myself as a Texans fan that the Texans purposely play close games for experience in the pressure…

    Nick Garcia Reply

    Watson is so good.. you guys play tough. Chargers like to give there fans high blood pressure too, word on the street

    Ramakrishna Siva Sai Kolli Reply

    That’s a joke🤣

    Renaldy Calixte Reply

    If that’s true how come they don’t do well in the postseason.

    TheFellClutch Reply

    @Milli Macro yes, that is exactly what we said, what’s your point?

Lamar Lockett Reply

And many of the so-called experts were saying Baker Mayfield better than Watson. Yea right!

    Ayodamola Ajala Reply

    @wetn00d Watson o line is still not as good as bakers yet

    KCSSful Reply

    wetn00d bro you are looking at the most sacked quarterback last year, he ran almost every snap and can still pull great plays

    blakkshultz5 Reply

    @wetn00d Naw Baker can’t extend plays like WATSON

    Houston fan 04 Reply

    wetn00d delusional lol

    Cosmic Goat15 Reply

    Bro fax

MrFlow936 Reply

It was our kicker who left 4 points off the board but great win for my Texans good pass protection finally

    mr wong Reply

    Missing a 56 yard fg is forgivable for sure. Those are extremely tough. Missing xps is unacceptable tho

    Brandon Lee Reply

    It’s looking better
    A vet at LG would be excellent.

    Osvaldo Garcia Reply

    MrFlow936 still got the dub thou

    adehn14 Reply

    At least he wasn’t as bad as nice kicker

    tanner wedeking Reply

    @Judah he made 3 of those long FGs last year. He was 3-3 of FGs longer than 55. You literally have no idea what you’re talking about. Go back and look at the hold on his kicks. The punter we just signed has to build chemistry with Fairbairns footing. Get off the couch.

Chavez 956 Reply

Watson got a little Vick in him and little bit of Brady

    Baraka Obama Reply

    He’s more like Vince Young

    Damian Avalos Reply

    No Vince Young would run the ball more .. Watson doesn’t run the ball at first instance

    c2itccase9 Reply

    That’d make him a Brick…

    Megaman X Reply

    this dude is nasty like malhomes

    chris madsen Reply

    @Steven P lmao

MrFlow936 Reply

Glad we picked up Kenny Stills that guy is a baller

    Sharks17 Reply

    MrFlow936 Such a good WR2 to have beside Hopkins. Texans could be really good this year.

    Tony Fournier Reply

    As a Saints fan I really miss Kenny Stills maybe more than Brandon Cooks

    OTW Reply


    Jack Trippin777 Reply

    @Tony Fournier that’s a buck.. should’ve been a saint, congrats to my boys btw good win without drew

    Shane Douglas Reply


William BlakeII Reply


    6God yuh Reply

    @beneathdatrees0 we beat um back in 2013 -14 only played the once after that

    AAA Reply

    And a head coach, and an OLine coach, and a GM.

    vladimir alexis Reply

    @Hippo Smoove kk

    Shane Douglas Reply

    Ur absolutely right

MoJo MoJo Reply

Dam What a game . But leave NO doubt . Watson is a HALL OF FAMER in the Making . Go Tigers

    Jake O'Brien Reply

    MoJo MoJo Hall of fame lol nah

    Eric Lee Reply

    MoJo MoJo roll tide buddy

Biz Denardo Reply

Texans offensive line shows growth in win over the chargers.

    Ranel Gallardo Reply

    Biz Denardo I think adding Scharping helped a lot. They need to start him from now on.

    Shane Douglas Reply

    They’ll get better with each game

    T Brads Reply

    Agreed, Watched the game and they gave time

    for the 3 Reply

    I agree but Watson needs to play his part in this and stop holding the ball so damn long

Glenn Denning Reply

Can we ever get Philip some decent Olinemen sheesh ! GG Texans, Watson played like a stud, same as JJ.

    Tay McCullough Reply

    Glenn Denning exactly smfh

    Glenn Denning Reply

    Tay McCullough been going on for years man 🤦🏽‍♂️

    antwan bullocks Reply

    Glen denning yeah put respect on his name

Rolis Perez Reply

It’s disrespectful to say baker mayfield is better than Deshaun Watson

    guest man Reply

    You deserve To be bullied nfl thought that when he was drafted before him!

    deandrew Walker Reply

    Straight facts and all of the mayfield groupies were yelling that out loud last season! Deshawns on another level bruh!

    Curry Chicken Reply

    Whoever said that is a Johnny manziel fan

    Curry Chicken Reply

    @You deserve To be bullied pay attention to the media

    Curry Chicken Reply

    @trll tv I’d love to see Texans v cowboys in a super bowl. But I think Watson is better cuz he more creative on the fly

cholhwa Reply

It is just pure joy to watch Deshaun Watson. He’s got an rocket arm.

    Cosmic Goat15 Reply

    cholhwa A*

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