Texans Unlimited LIVE: Postgame vs. Jaguars – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Parkour Addict

bafo ba pampampam

Paul Agu


Originalman 89

“He gon play 1 on 1 every time, and that’s what I want” 😂😂💯🤘

Simon Delarosa

“To each is own” 🤙🤙

Davor Stjepic

I wished for a new Coach this Xmas but leach ain’t going anywhere. Deshaun keeps bailing this POS out every time.

    chris madsen

    Well he did win 3 division titles with a diffrent qb each time

    Davor Stjepic

    @chris madsen You could not be more wrong with that statement. Romeo Carnell and the defense won those division titles.

    chris madsen

    @Davor Stjepic lol

HTX 713

Loved seeing D hop and Andre together💯

Kevin Johnson

We need 3 things
1) offensive coordinator
2)better o-line
3)better secondary

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